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Suggestion Gang House in the atomic power plant

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by MCDuckler, Apr 1, 2018.

Suggestion - Gang House in the atomic power plant
  1. MCDuckler Platinum

    Now I know the industrial update is already out for a long time and the atomic power plant is there, but Ultimativemaster and I (and I think a lot of other ppl too) would love to live there with our gang. The gang house would be pretty expensive, and to not collide with other players that logged out there and could be stuck due to map changes it would mainly go into the ground like most other gang houses. It would be themed like some sort of controll center. It does not need to have an extreme amount of chests or anything (even tho It'd be very nice) it's mainly there as some sort of status point (like T1) and just cool to live in because it's big etc. (Unlike T1 :V)
    This is just a suggestion, would love to hear your opinion and I hope that something like that will be added to the game sometime.
    Ultimativemaster likes this.

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