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Gamemode Idea: The Hunter

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by skunkthecat, Oct 17, 2016.

Gamemode Idea: The Hunter

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  1. skunkthecat Platinum

    The Hunter:

    A game very similar to "Slender man" but has its differences.

    There are two teams, one team will be the "Hunter" and the other being "Survivors" Each have specific special abilities from different possible classes.

    The Hunter Team: The hunter team consists of only 1 person, This person will be able to teleport throughout the map at specific points and times, The hunter is NOT invisible but wears black leather armor and has only a stone sword but if hit by the sword the "Survivors" will all be told where the Hunter last was, but if the hunter hits AND kills then his location is not revealed and the survivors will have to find the bodies of there fallen comrades. The hunters main ability is to be able to throw a disease that will cause blindness for 1 minute. Last, the hunter has a compass and every 10 seconds it tell the nearest persons coordinates. The hunters main goal is to kill everyone.

    The Survivors Team: Consisting of up to five people, the survivors job is to.... Survive! The round ends at 7 minutes and once the 7 minutes are over and there are any survivors left then the survivors win. Killing the hunter will cause the hunter to re-spawn after 10 minutes. The survivors have 1 special ability at hand which is a supply drop which will drop food to heal (Potions) or possibly by mistake they give you harming that doesn't effect The hunter. The survivors get dark blue leather armor, a wood sword, and one potion of healing.

    Hunter objective: Kill everyone

    Survivors objective: Stay safe and survive for 7 minutes

    (Optional, add the need for water and food like from minez)

    Lastly it is ALWAYS dark until the 7 minutes is up, The hunter is like a zombie he will burn in the day forever!

    Thank you fro taking the time to read this, and please be completely honest on what you think about this idea.

  2. Haichao Platinum

    Eh, seems like it would be really easy to win as the survivors. Just group, there is no way the hunter can 1v5 you.
  3. skunkthecat Platinum

    Remember Hunter can respawn and also blind them
  4. Trainspotting Emerald

    What kind of map are we talking about? Size, terrain, detail etc.
  5. Hollow_Leg Gold

    Ten minute respawn though
  6. skunkthecat Platinum

    Oh, how about 2m respawn and also Survivors are spawned seperatly from each other (Gamertags are also off)
  7. skunkthecat Platinum

    Terrain: Mountain with mines running through it with a river next to it and then a forest, with a road nearby with crashed cars and fire everywhere.

    Size: around 150x150

    Detail: Some trees are dead (one tree has a nest init to where the Hunter SPAWNS he does not respawn there.
    The mountain At the top will have a lake and a small shack mabye containing food/ healing items.
    River is slightly poisnous with hunger (will give hunger effect if in the water for too long).
  8. skunkthecat Platinum

    Could also mabye do another map in a city of some sort, Or even Put it into a minez map area like a town of such.
  9. AnotherGuy100 Gold

    Instantly, i think of dead by daylight. Which is cool. The main problem I see is just survivors being able to run without consequence. also, being able to fight back doesn't sound like it would work too well. again, 1v5. Otherwise, sounds cool enough. Reminds me a bit of GC, but different. :(
  10. skunkthecat Platinum

    Surviors will have a hunger bar and thirst bar just like minez. would that work? Also maybe the hunter can get an invisibility potion that lasts for 1 minute.

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