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Suggestion Gamemode idea - Insomnia

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Metroll131, Feb 8, 2014.

Suggestion - Gamemode idea - Insomnia
  1. Methelin Emerald


    1. What is Insomnia?
    2. How to play?
    3. Clocks
    4. Special items
    5. Classes
    6. Nightmare Zombies abilities (Megaplaylist64's idea)
    7. XP

    What is Insomnia?

    Insomnia is sub-gamemode for MineZ. You choose a class, and play. In Insomnia, you would spawn with permament blindness and 3-7 teammates in a map, not bigger than 200x200 blocks. The map would be usually something like dungeon with many corridors. 4-8 survivors need to wake up from the nightmare. There're zombie spawners, and there's no light source. If one of the zombies will kill you, you're becoming a Nightmare Zombie. Nightmare Zombies are players, who died, and they're also controlable. Those zombies have wooden axe with "Sharpness I" enchantment, no blindness, and they have only one life. (They look like zombie villagers) If you'll kill Nightmare Zombie, he's dead. Forever. You have 5 minutes to find all spawners, (let's say, spawners and survivors amount will be equal) and light'em up. If you unpossessed all spawners, you're winning the game.

    How to play?

    - You're spawning with other survivors.
    - You're trying to stay alive, and light up spawners.
    - If you die, you're becoming a Nightmare Zombie, and your teammates must finish the quest without you.
    - If everybody will be dead, you're losing the game.
    - Only survivors can be winners. Alive NZ's and dead NZ's won't get XP, if survivors will unpossess all spawners.


    Clocks are the only possible loot from zombies. Every zombie has 5% chance to drop a clock, when killed, while nightmare zombie has 100% to drop clock, when killed. If the clock is picked up, it increases the time limit of 10 seconds.

    Special items

    1. Tinder-Box (renamed Yellow Dye) - every class has at least 1 Tinder-Box. Tinder-Box is used to light and destroy spawner.
    2. Iceball (renamed Ice block) - Mage class exclusive item, when throwed at zombie, it stops it for 3-5 seconds.
    3. Fireball (renamed Fire Charge) - Mage class exclusive item, when throwed at zombie, it sets it on fire for 5-7 seconds.
    4. Life Fruit (renamed Lime Dye) - Shaman class exclusive item, when applicated, it heals you completly. (And reveals lovely heart particles)
    5. Invisibility Cloak (renamed Paper) - Shadow class exclusive item, when applicated, you're completly invisible for 10 seconds.
    6. Ender-Nade (renamed Ender Pearl) - Alchemist class exclusive item, works like normal MineZ grenade.
    7. Blast Powder (renamed Blaze Powder) - Alchemist class exclusive item, when throwed at zombie, it insta-kills it.
    8. Red-Hot Ash (renamed Orange Dye) - Blacksmith class exclusive item, when applicated, it gives you "Strength I" effect for 10 seconds. Also, can be used as Tinder-Box's equivalent.
    9. Skyleaf (renamed Lapis Lazuli) - Herbalist class exclusive item, when applicated, it gives you "Speed IV" effect for 10 seconds.
    10. Jumping Berry (renamed Purple Dye) - Herbalist class exclusive item, whem applicated, it gives you "Jump Boost IV" effect for 10 seconds.


    1. Survivor
    - spawns with wooden sword, leather cap, leather tunic and 1 tinder-box
    - free class
    2. Warrior
    - spawns with stone sword with "Smite I" enchantment, gray colored leather cap, chain chestplate and 1 tinder-box
    - costs 25000 XP
    3. Mage
    - spawns with wooden sword, dark-blue colored leather cap, light-blue colored leather tunic with "Protection I" enchantment, 1 iceball, 1 fireball and 2 tinder-boxes
    - costs 25000 XP
    4. Lighter
    - spawns with wooden axe, orange colored leather cap, 3 tinder-boxes and no blindness
    - costs 25000 XP
    5. Shaman
    - spawns with golden sword, golden helmet, green colored leather tunic, 1 splash healing I potion, 1 life fruit and 1 tinder-box
    - costs 25000 XP
    6. Shadow
    - spawns with stone sword, chain helmet, black colored leather tunic, 1 invisibility cloak and 1 tinder-box
    - costs 25000 XP
    7. Alchemist
    - spawns with wooden sword with "Knockback I" enchantment, yellow colored leather tunic, 1 healing I potion, 1 healing II potion, 1 ender-nade, 1 blast powder and 2 tinder-boxes
    - costs 25000 XP
    8. Blacksmith
    - spawns with iron sword, chain chestplate, 1 golden apple (weak version), 1 red-hot ash and 1 tinder-box
    - costs 25000 XP
    9. Herbalist
    - spawns with wooden sword, lime colored leather chestplate, lime colored leather boots, 1 skyleaf, 1 jumping berry and 1 tinder-box
    - costs 25000 XP

    Nightmare Zombies abilities (Megaplaylist64's idea)

    *NOTE* - Every ability is 1 use only, and NZ can have only 1 ability.

    1. Noxious Bite (renamed Ghast Tear) - when used, you deal doubled damage, and you have 20% chances, to inflict poison for 5 seconds
    - free ability
    2. Demon Berserk (renamed Redstone Dust) - when used, your axe has the power of an iron sword for 5 seconds, however, any damage dealt to you will cause 1.5 heart more damage while the ability is activated
    - costs 15000 XP
    3. Lupine Summon (renamed Bone) - when used, it spawns a mad wolf, which's attacking survivors and reveals black smoke particles. Spawning the wolf gives you nausea effect for 5 seconds
    - costs 15000 XP
    4. Black Death (renamed Ink Sac) - when used, it spawns 3 silverfishes, which are dealing 0.5 damage, revealing black smoke particles and inflicting Wither effect for 10 seconds.
    - costs 15000 XP
    5. Burning Carnage (renamed Fire block) - when used, it sets everything (except the user) on fire for 5 seconds in 5 blocks radius.
    - costs 15000 XP
    6. Tenebris' Rage (renamed Obsidian block) - when used, it causes blindness and nausea for 5 seconds to everything in 3 blocks radius, and after those 5 seconds, Nightmare Zombie explodes and kills everything in 3 blocks radius
    - *WARNING* - This ability is suidical!
    - costs 17500 XP


    Zombie kill - 1 XP
    Nightmare Zombie kill - 2 XP
    Survivor kill (as NZ) - 3 XP
    Spawner destruction - 3 XP
    Winning a game - 20 XP

  2. eternalmars Gold

    Guess I'm first.

    Anyway nice idea, though I'm pretty sure I've heard it before.

    Anyway the game seems pretty "bland", maybe add some new interesting things such as players also being able to be zombies.

    3/5 if I had to rate the gamemode.
  3. Clod_owo Silver

    Seems cool
  4. Methelin Emerald


    - added Nightmare Zombies
    - added sixth class
    - changed XP amounts
    Megaplaylist64 and eternalmars like this.
  5. eternalmars Gold

    Only 10xp per win?
    Games must be really fast then.
  6. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    What if we added some classes/abilities for Nightmare Zombies?

    1. Demon Berserk (Renamed Redstone Dust)
    -When using it, your axe has the power of an iron sword for 5 seconds, however, any damage dealt to you will cause 1 and a half heart more damage while the ability is activated (1 use only).
    -Costs 15k XP.

    2. Lupine Summon (Renamed Bone)
    -Spawns a black and devilish wolf able to attack people, which fades out into black smoke when killed. The power required to spawn this shadow wolf will give you 5 second random bursts of Nausea (2 uses with a 30 seconds cooldown).
    -Costs 15k XP.

    3. Black Death (Renamed Black Dye)
    -Using it will spawn 3-6 Dark Gray Silverfishes (Rats). Whoever gets hit by them will get Withering 2 by 10 seconds. They also fade out in black smoke when killed and cause 1/2 heart damage bursts for 30 seconds on the user.
    -Costs 17500 XP.
    Metroll131 likes this.
  7. Methelin Emerald

    *sorry, I can't quote for whatever reason*

    eternalmars - Yes, Insomnia is a mini-game, just like Ghostcraft or SMASH. You have 5 minutes to complete the quest. But I plan to introduce clocks, which would extend time limit by 10 seconds per every picked clock. :)

    Megaplaylist64 - NZ abilities are great idea! :D I'll add this, change a little, and give you a credit. :wink:
    eternalmars likes this.
  8. Methelin Emerald


    - added NZ abilities
    - added 7th class
    - changed XP amounts

    If you want to help me with expanding Insomnia, feel free to post your idea. :wink:
  9. Aquae Platinum

    Sounds like a complicated version of a survival mode MineZ.

    It's nice, but needs tweaks.
  10. Viceroy_Vibiras Regular Member

    Great idea, all for it:wink:
  11. Methelin Emerald


    - added 1 new NZ ability
    - added 2 new classes
    - added XP for killing a survivor as NZ

    If you want to help me with expanding Insomnia, feel free to post your idea. :wink:
    marco_polo24 likes this.
  12. marco_polo24 Gold

  13. Methelin Emerald


    - added new item to Blacksmith.
    - changed XP amounts (as it should be more mini-game, like SMASH or GhostCraft than macro-game, like MineZ, Wasted or Annihilation)

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