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Discussion funny stories

Discussion in 'Gun Game' started by dinodude15, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. dinodude15 Regular Member

    Ah, gun game. I used to play it a lot back when minecraft was in 1.5. But then the 1.6 updates came out and i started loosing interest in minecraft, so i don't play much anymore. Actually, i haven't played in about a year. But i still have fond memories of this game, even to this day. So, let us share some funny stories we've had in game. Oh, and if your stories involve a really bad hacker, or a hacker in general, please don't use their name here. I'm fine with giving them a code name, but put the code name in brackets so we know its not their actual name.

    Alright, well, my story begins when they first added this new system into the game. Basically, when you shoot a team mate, you take the damage. Now, i had no clue why they added this system. After all, you couldn't actually damage your team mates in the first place. So, i was on this one map, i believe it was the one with the white house looking building. Can't remember the map name now. But, often times, when the match would start, i would sprint out of the spawn and start sprinting and jumping. I would just spray the weapon in the direction of the enemy spawn, hoping to do at least a little bit of damage so i could get the kill when i got closer.

    So, i went to do my usual thing. Running, jumping and gunning. when i started taking damage for some reason. Now, if i had my chat turned on, i would have seen this massage "You cannot shoot your team mates!" with every hit i took. So i started looking around, thinking someone was shooting me like a moron. When i couldn't find anyone, i continued with business as usual. Well, i started spraying and praying again, and this time i died. Confused as to the cause of my death, i pulled up my chat... Only to see over a hundred of those messages running all the way up my chat. I had bean shooting my team mates by mistake, and i was unaware of the damage penalty. To test my suspicion, i shot one of my team mates in the spawn room, and i took damage. I told people in chat what i'd done, and what i was unaware of, and i got ":lmao:"'s from everyone. Someone even said "R.I.P dinodude15". Needless to say, i never made that mistake again.

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