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MineZ Fresh Spawn Part 3

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Nekusakuraba, Apr 10, 2013.

MineZ - Fresh Spawn Part 3
  1. Nekusakuraba Regular Member

    Fresh Spawn
    Act II
    Chapter 13 - Getting Cozy
    Chapter 13 - We made our way across the water and reached land again, this time we headed toward a town known as "Crowmure", we all made our way into the town, Abyssal pointed to a few people, I couldn't catch what they were saying, but they nodded and headed off east into the forest. The rest of the group went into the buildings and looted the armor and weapons, I sat by the well with Callum and leaned back on the post, closing my eyes, a little tired. Callum looked at me and nudged my shoulder, I think he forgot I couldn't feel a thing, he kept nudging until he punched my shoulder, he stood back up and gave up, walking into the tower. I shut my eyes tighter and fell asleep. In my dreams that blade appeared again, Vampyr, something about it...I wanted it, but Abyssal had it, I couldn't take it without expecting him and the others to kill me, especially after I just barely survived the Sacrificial Pit. I shook it away and let my mind wander.

    I woke up in the middle of the night, someone had moved me to one of the beds in a house, I yawned and got up, walking down the stairs and outside, I could see a zombie stumbling in the distance so I grabbed the bow from my back and took aim, it had been a few days since I've last used a bow, I wanted to see if my skills were still up to stuff. I grabbed an arrow from my shoulder strap and aimed, I launched the arrow and pegged it in the foot, I frowned, the zombie looked at me and started to run at me, but fell over. The arrow had pinned his foot to the ground, I walked up to it and took the bottom of my boot and stomped its head until it crunched and was a heap of mushed gray matter and skull. I whipped my boot off on the grass and entered the tower I had seen Callum enter earlier, I made my way up and found him staring off. "Rusty?" he asked, hearing my footsteps "Aye, hopefully I can get some practice in tomorrow" I said, leaning against the railing next to him "I forgot you can't feel a thing, was punching you earlier while you were asleep, I wanted to ask you something" he turned to look at me "How did...how did you escape Pink?" I sighed and looked down "I met her before, she could tell there was still some good left in me, made me prove myself before she could free me...I let myself be part of a prisoner exchange and I was taken off, and I managed to escape alive." I said, he looked at my robe "Did Pink give you that?' he asked, I shook my head "Found it somewhere" I said, Callum put his hand on his chin and tilted his head "Strange...the warriors of Joh Nee A always wore those robes, but they're all dead now after that meteor hit." I went silent for a bit, was I from Joh Nee A? I thought a bit, then looked up at Callum "Hey, Callum, do you know where Zerbia is?" I asked, he nodded "Yeah it's a giant tree in the middle of the ocean, just west of where Joh Nee A was, why?" I thought of an excuse quickly "Heard some of Pink's men talking about it and the meteor that hit Joh Nee A, was just curious" Callum nodded and started walking down the staircase "Well I'm hitting the hay, gonna stay here?" he asked, "Yeah, I'll keep watch, not tired anymore" his footsteps grew fainter until I no longer heard them, I watched him walk into the house, I held the bow in my hand, an arrow in my other, and watched, waiting for any sign of danger.

    I dozed off in the midst of the night, but awoke when I heard someone climbing up the staircase, I looked behind me "Callum is that you?" I asked, silence, I turned a bit and looked at the staircase "Who's there?" I asked, I held the bow firm, I saw a head stick up, I was about to shoot the arrow when I heard a familiar voice "Whoa calm down, just me man" Holds said, I blinked and sighed "What the hell are you doing here? They'll shoot you, you know that right?" I told him, he merely shrugged "Abyssal knows who I am, I just work for anyone I feel like, a mercenary if you will" I tilted my head "And Pink knew that too?" he nodded and went up to the rail next to me "Yep, she knows it's my job, she doesn't like it but she doesn't hate it, know what I mean?" he said, "Yeah I gotcha" we stared off a bit, a long silence, I saw Abyssal leave the house and he looked up at me and Holds, he waved and Holds waved back, and then he went about his business, going into the other houses and waking the others. Me and Holds went down the staircase and Abyssal met us at the door "Hey got a job for you two" he said, "Take Neku to Forest with you, Holds, we need more wheat and cocoa beans, almost out, and we need 'em to make the journey east again" Holds nodded "Sure thing, I think we can do that, might want to give Neku a few more arrows though" he said, Abyssal chuckled and reached around the corner, plopping a bag full of arrows infront of me, I picked up and slung it around my back "Knock yourself out kid...just uh...not literally, kind of need you alive and all" he walked in between us and went up the tower, the signal for Holds and I to start our trek.

    By the time we reached the Forest it was already night again, we climbed into the ravine carefully and took what we could carry, I took the time to practice with the bow again whilst Holds looted, I was starting to get my old skills back, I pegged a zombie in the head and smirked, its head pinned to the side of a mushroom, I heard Holds yell "HELP", I rushed over to where his voice came from and looked around, all I saw was a pile of his things, I picked up his sword and looked around, I heard footsteps around me "What did you do with him!?" I said, suddenly something pounced onto me from behind, I turned onto my back and tried to grab at the hand, then I heard Holds laughing and he got off of me, I glared at him and threw his sword at him "You asshole why did you go and do that?" I glared angrily at him, he caught the sword and shrugged "It was funny, you gotta admit that" I spat on the ground and rolled my eyes "For you anyways...are we all set?" he nodded "Yep I think we're good."

    We climbed out of the ravine, an arrow landed next to us as we climbed out, he pulled my bow slightly to beckon me to follow, I nodded and we ran to one of the houses and hid, we waited at opposite sides of the door, eventually a woman wearing chain wandered in, her sword held out, to our luck she didn't notice us hiding in the corners, I noticed she had no bow, Holds was raising his sword but I put a finger over my mouth and pointed to her back, he saw and nodded, moments later the man with the bow came in, his sword drawn as well, Holds grabbed and held his hand over his mouth and slit his throat, the man gurgled then went weak and dropped, we stepped over his body and ran into the house, I aimed and shot the woman in the back of the head, she fell on the floor, we looted their bodies, finding a bit extra of what we needed, and made our way back up to Crowmure.

    It was afternoon by the time we returned, Holds looked half asleep at this point, Abyssal came down from the tower to us and we handed him the supplies "All went well?" he asked, "Two people tried to kill us, I say tried for a good reason, and I'm sleeping" Holds said, and walked off into one of the houses. Abyssal laughed and patted me on the shoulder, then chuckled again "Oh right...forgot that you don't feel a thing, well nice work, how're you likin' it around here so far?" he asked, my eyes drifted to his sword and he took notice, he took it from his waist and tossed it to me "If you like that much keep the stupid thing" I caught it, and I felt the air around me change, I heard a voice in my head "Welcome back, Neku" I dropped the sword, the voice faded as it said my name "No it's alright, you keep it mate, I like it just as eye candy" I said with a smirk, I turned and walked off, my mind racing for the rest of the day what the hell just happened.

    Chapter 14 - The Giant Slayer
    Chapter 14 - The day had ended, the night had risen and fallen, I woke up, Vampyr lay next to my bedside, a note on it from Abyssal, I grabbed the note without trying to touch the blade, I read it "Neku, this sword can leech the vitality of others, Callum suggested I give it to you so you can heal your nerves, I didn't like that idea since you're an advantage without feeling pain, but the choice is yours -Aby" I crumpled the note up and tossed it towards a table, I stared at the sword, it wasn't a matter of healing my nerves, it was a matter of that voice, whoever and whatever it was, I glared at it, I finally took up the courage to grab it, and I did. I held it firm by the handle, I heard nothing, I sighed and set it back down, did I imagine the voice yesterday? Was I becoming insane? I walked out of the house and glared at the sword, I tossed it away into the trees somewhere, the impulse pained my head and I gripped it, it beckoned me back, I grumbled angrily and went back into the trees to retrieve it, I picked it up and heard that voice again "Are mad men truly mad? Or are they just the smarter ones?" it asked me. I blinked slightly I stared at the blade, and thought to myself "Who are you?" I asked it, it merely laughed and faded away. I growled and slid the sword into the sheath on my waist and walked back to town, behind me I heard a rustling in the woods and saw a bloodied man walking out from them, I looked at him and recognized he was one of the men Abyssal had sent east the other day, I ran up to him and helped hold him up "What happened to you?" I asked, he coughed up some blood, his voice was dry sounding "Get...water..." I nodded and helped him walk to the well, by this time Aether had come out and saw what was going on, the man dunked his head into the well and drank, he sighed and leaned back against the well, Aether came to us"Where are the rest of the men?\" he asked, the man coughed up a bit of blood again "We went to the Giant's Camp just like Abyssal asked and slayed one, but on our way back a few of us wanted to see what the Anemos Sanctum looked like...we got close to it but some of the King's men saw us and slaughtered the others...I barely made it out of there" Aether sighed and grabbed my arm, turning me to look at him "Go get Abyssal and tell him the news, I'll patch up the fool here" I nodded reluctantly and went over to the house Abyssal was in, I went up the stairs and shook him "Oi get up" I said, he grumbled and rubbed his eyes "What is it?...Oh I see you found that present, glad to see you're carrying it" he said with a smirk, he grabbed his helmet and put it on "The men you sent to the Giant's Camp were attacked by the king's men, one made it back alive, barely" I said, he went silent, then went down the stairs, I followed behind him and stood at the door as he went over to Aether and the man, I couldn't tell what was being said, but the man was apologizing and pleading with him, I heard that voice again"He's pleading for his life...oh that's so adorable" it said, Abyssal drew his sword and swung at the man's neck, the head coming clean off, he pulled a piece of cloth from the man's shirt and cleaned the blood off his blade. He walked back to me and stopped at the doorway, turning his head to look at me "Wake me up for something important next time, or you'll end up like him" he said, then walked back up the stairs.

    Holds and I sat around at the top of the tower again, he had a deck of cards, we played a bit of poker, only it involved our belongings as the chips. I had lost some arrows and a potion, I stared at the sword a moment and put it into the pot, Holds raised an eyebrow at me "Isn't that sword from Abyssal?" he said, I nodded "It's bad luck, I don't want it" Holds shrugged and put in his bow "Well I can barter it to someone else when I come across 'em then when I win it" he said with a laugh, we set our cards down, to my surprise my hand had beaten his, I put the sword back in the sheath and grabbed his bow "Guess this thing isn't that bad after all considering that's the first hand I've won" Holds shrugged and took a bite of one of his cookies, his mouth full of food as he spoke "Ain't mah fault you can't play a game of cards if you're life depended on it" he swallowed and smirked, I chuckled and handed him my old bow and we went back down, Abyssal was waiting for everyone, we all circled around him and waited for the others to arrive.

    After everyone had assembled Abyssal finally spoke "So some idiots that I sent to Giant's Camp decided to pay a visit to Anemos Sanctum on their way back, they died, except for one who managed to make it back alive...he was executed by me, let that be a lesson to you all that if you ever go near that damned place you will be killed" he said, then sighed "Now then, seeing as they failed to complete their mission I need some of you to go kill a giant...Cam, Potato, Holds, Neku, myself and eh...hm..." Someone in the circle raised their hand, Abyssal pointed to him "Sure, why not Jeff, we're gonna go kill us a giant, in the meantime hold Crowmure for ours so we have somewhere safe to return too, we leave when the sun sets, you're all dismissed" he walked off back to the barn, and we waited for sunset.

    Sunset came and we gathered our things and headed east along the forest line, we swam across onto the ice, back in the snow biome, and continued to walk east. We passed by a weird shrine with giant heads sticking out of the ground, one on fire, the other crying, Crymoore Pond they called it. "Dunno" Cam said, "The signs there read 'Jascebalon, your tears are delicious!" he said, shaking his head "I stuck my head under the waterfall from Jascebalon's head, didn't taste any different from normal water' Potato said, Cam and Jeff looked at him funny "What? We had nothing better to do while we waited for that guy to bleed out" he said, crossing his arms. We walked onto the grasslands and walked around the canyon, we reached the land where grass and gravel met, I looked south and could see carcasses on the grass, I recognized that they were the men who died in that battle between Pink's group and Abyssal's, I stared a bit, Abyssal came from behind me and grabbed my hood, dragging me onto the gravel with him "The fighting brought some attention, we left the bodies to distract the infected that came" he said, I sighed and nodded. As we walked across the plateau I thought a bit to myself, I regained my humanity somewhat, the voice was no longer that of the ghost's, but my eyes had not changed, they remained blood red, the impulse no longer pulled on my head, but I've been cursed with this voice now, whoever it was must have been the one who made me do those evil things, or was I really just a mad man? I remembered what the voice said earlier "Are mad men truly mad? Or are they just smarter?" Was he right? How would I have known of if Pink's fiance would have turned on me or not after I had healed him? But he patched me first...my mind was lost in thought, we finally arrived at the Giant's Camp and focus shifted from my actions to the present - kill the giant.

    As we turned the corner of the rock we could see the giant standing in the middle of, it turned and saw us, running at us, in turn Abyssal ran at it as well and started swinging his blade at its legs, I was about to take a step forward but Cam put his arm out infront of me "No, stay back until it starts creating those abominations, Abyssal can handle the giant himself, just keep the zombies off of him" I nodded, a pigman burst from out of nowhere and ran at Abyssal, Potato took aim and shot it, bursting it into four smaller zombies that ran at us, we drew our swords and fought them. One lunged up at Potato and he caught it in the air, he laughed a bit "Not today you little bitch!" he dropped the zombie and punted it into the distance, it landed with a crack, we ignored it as it slowly tried crawling to us, I looked at it and felt a little pity for it, and shot an arrow at it, impaling it's foot to the ground, to it's unfortunate demise it was still alive, I sighed and shifted back to the zombies around the giant. We fought the thing for a long while, until it finally dropped dead, a bow at its feet and massive amounts of sliced flesh lying around. Abyssal picked up the bow and inspected it, then walked up to the pinned zombie and reached behind him, an arrow appearing out of thin air, and shot it into the head the small zombie, it groaned until its voice faded and it died. Abyssal strung the bow onto his back, we all gathered our things and started moving back the way we came, but the clouds in the east had finally parted and there was a great tree above Al Hasa in the distance, I stared a long while at it "That's Zerbia" Holds finally said, Abyssal saw me looking and laughed, pushing me off the side of the cliff, only enough so I landed on the ledge below unscathed "Go on" he said "Just don't get yourself killed, a lot of people have gone missing there, just use the canyon pass" he disappeared from the the top of the cliff, Holds appeared a second later "Good luck bud, you'll need it" he said, grinning at me, then following Abyssal. I scaled the rest of the way down and made my way through the canyon, I reached the waterfall and swam up it with much trouble, but I did it, I swam to land and to the north I saw a series of floating islands, one of which reminded me of the top of the Spire, but I looked back at Zerbia, and began swimming across. I had to know who I really was.

    Chapter 15 - Welcome Back
    Chapter 15 - I reached the giant tree, I stared up at its mass and climbed onto the wood, inside there were some stone buildings at the base, and I could see other stone buildings built into the branches higher up in the tree, however there were many zombie pigmen roaming around, a lot more than I've ever soon in one place. I heard a pigman explode higher up in the tree somewhere, the sounds of someone fighting the smaller zombies from it, was it the person who saved me? I found the stairs and climbed up them, only to find the hallways of Zerbia a great maze, I could hear footsteps just above me, but they were calm and quick steps, not like the zombie's. I walked up the stairs as well, peeking around a corner I heard footsteps from, nothing. I snuck quietly, a zombie turned the corner I thought I heard the footsteps from, I grabbed my bow quickly and shot an arrow as it ran at me, the arrow sliced through its arm, sending it flying in the other direction, but that didn't stop it. I flipped the bow in my hand and grabbed it by the bottom, using it as a blunt weapon, smacking the zombie over the head, it merely grunted and fell over next to me, grabbing onto my leg firmly, using my free leg I stomped on its head until it finally crushed under my boot. I looked up to find a man in a green robe aiming a bow at me "Halt" he said, he wore a dark green robe, I could't see his eyes through the darkness of his hood, I aimed back at him and he pulled the string back farther. "Who gave you those robes?" he asked, I looked at myself momentarily then back at him "Someone gave them to me" I said, "Who?" he asked, "How should I know? They appeared with a not-" he interrupted me abruptly "Show me" I hesitated, then set the bow down to the side, reaching into my side pouch and pulling out the note, I walked up to him and handed it to him, he eased the bow down and read the note "...Sorry, was making sure it was you Neku, didn't want it to be someone who stole those from you, come, follow me" he said, I blinked and picked my bow up, following after him.

    We climbed the stairs and walked the halls of the tree for awhile, until finally I saw sunlight up a set of stairs, we went up and found ourselves at a garden with a pond in the center of the tree, the branches of it extending from all around it, up into the sky. The robed man pulled out a flute and played a quiet, yet peaceful melody, I felt as if I had heard this somewhere before. As he finished this song, I saw green eyes peek out of the stairways and buildings higher up, then disappear. Slowly, one by one, others climbed down to us, wearing green and white robes like mine and the man with me, their faces hidden in darkness like ours. The man put his flute back in his pocket, men, women, and children, all coming down to the garden. I heard the voice from the sword growl as they all came down "Filthy heretics...Do not join them, Neku, remember who your real master is" it said, but I remained firm in place, finally they had all arrived, I counted around fifteen or so of them were there. They all remained silent, until a woman in the crowd stepped forward, her brown hair in braids, coming down from under her hood, she put her hands together and bowed, speaking softly "Welcome back, Neku" she said, the rest bowed with her, then rose back up, I saw her eyes squint at mine, the blood red eyes I bore, her eyes seemed sad when she saw them. "Thank you, Hippo, could you go back down and patrol, please?" the man next me to nodded, he picked up his bow and went back down.

    The woman pulled her hood down, looking at me curiously, then tugged on my hand, I didn't feel it and she took notice, frowning slightly. She noticed the sword at my side and took it, I blinked a bit as she inspected it "Has he...been talking to you?" she asked, I hesitated, then nodded, she sighed and handed it back to me, "You don't remember anything do you? Not even all of us?" she asked, I shook my head "Not a single thing, but you know who I am right?" I asked, she nodded and waved me over, "You can all return to your homes, thank you for helping to greet Neku back" she said with a smile, they all nodded and went back up the tree, one little girl, turned a moment and ran to me, jumping up and clinging onto me and hugging, she giggled then hopped off and ran back up, her father picking her up and carrying her on his back. I smiled a bit, the woman motioning me to sit down next to her, I did so and we sat by the water. She pulled my hood down and touched my face with her fingers, then pulled back "What happened to you when you arrived here...?" she asked, I closed my eyes and explained what had happened to me to this point, by the time I had finished it was already getting dark. She nodded sadly and stared into the water "It's just as we feared...Agni already corrupted you, hasn't he? That impulse...led you to his sacrifical pit" she said, shaking her head, she took Vampyr again and held it in her hands, a faint green glow on her hands as she held it, I tilted my head curiously, she then handed it back to me "I finally found you after you were taken captive by that group that went to Aspermont, I wanted to free you but I would of harmed too many in the process...Agni hasn't taken control of you yet, I've seen that when you even offered yourself in place of the child..." I nodded, she handed the sword back, I heard Agni's voice immediately "HERETIC" he yelled, I dropped the sword and clutched my head "Do you ever hear him or is it just me?" I asked her, "It is only you...do you want me to help you understand who you really are, Neku?" she asked, I nodded "Whatever it takes, I want to be rid of this impulse...uh what is your name anyways?" I asked, she smiled back and helped me up "Tsuki, just call me that, come on then, I've got a lot of explaining to do then" she said, giggling slightly, which surprised me a bit, we climbed up the tree's stairs and headed into a building, we sat down and she started to explain who I was.


    A Year Earlier

    Tsuki stood on the jungle trees, staring off into the distant ocean, at the land beyond their jungle, a man climbed up behind her and tapped her shoulder "Yes?" she said, "A few of our village who've returned from the sanctum...they...they say it's been breached" Tsuki spun quickly on her heel "It's been what!?" she yelled out "King Nillers breached it, the villagers said they saw something in a cage being taken away, they couldn't get a good glimpse however" he said grimly, she nodded and looked down "I'll speak to Neku, go tell the others what's happened" she said, he nodded and they climbed down the vines of the tree, the man headed toward the village while Tsuki headed toward Agni Ignis, sprinting up the hills. She reached pond south of the coliseum and held her hand out, a green glow appearing, she traced a circle in the water which glowed bright in turn, she held her hands down and knelt. After a few minutes, an aspiration finally appeared, rising from the water, Neku, wearing demonic looking armor, he bowed to Tsuki "Long time no see, what's up?" he said casually, Tsuki crossed her arms at him and glared "Anemos Sanctum was breached by the King, they might have captured a zombie" she said coldly, Neku blinked and rubbed his head "They did...? Agni never planned that to happen...he was going to wait for another civil war to break out amongst them..." Neku said, putting his hand on his chin "Well it looks like it's going to happen, if the King tries to use those zombies as power it'll be trouble...we had enough trouble trapping the zombies in the coliseum the last time we disobeyed Agni" she said, brushing some dust off her robe, Neku nodded and looked out into the distance "I still wonder...how did they break the magic seal on the sanctum..." he sighed, shaking his head "No matter, I'll ask Agni about this, I ensure you the infection won't reach your land if an outbreak occurs" Tsuki smiled and nodded "Thanks Neku, we can always rely on you at least" he smiled back and bowed again "Stay safe now, you hear?" his vision fading, she giggled "Oh hush we will" she said, waving goodbye to him. Neku's vision disappeared back into the water, the magic circle fading, Tsuki climbed back down the hill and returned to the village to tell them the news.

    Maybe things would be okay after all.

    Chapter 16 - Joh Nee A
    Chapter 16 - Tsuki climbed back up the hill, her face grim, panting slightly as she finally climbed up, she reached out at the pond again, the green glow in her palm, Neku's vision rising from the water. "Hello ag-" "Shut up I don't have time for this, an infected survivor managed to swim here and nearly killed one of us when it took him over, Agni promised us protection! Where is it!?" she demanded, Neku looked startled slightly, he rubbed the side of his head, then sighed "Agni did promise protection...he said it isn't his fault, however, that the King opened up the Sanctum, Agni had completely forgotten about the deal he made centuries ago with the humans. After they all passed away he decided the deal was settled there and kept the zombies locked up, since there was no longer anyone from the old days to sacrifice humans to him." he said, Tsuki sighed and rubbed her forehead "So there's nothing you can do?" she asked, Neku hesitated, "I'm...unsure, there might be, but...well, I don't think it'd be the best ide-" "What is it!?" she interrupted, Neku glared slightly under his hood, then looked off into the distance again "If you managed to find the resources you could attempt to build a wall around your land but there isn't enough around here, and the kingdoms nearby would see you as an enemy for stealing...there is one other way though..." he turned to look back at Agni Ignis. Tsuki clenched her fists "No, there is no way we're going to live in there, there's more infected in there then are of us! And...besides most of them are...family..." she said sadly, looking down slightly, Neku turned back to her and nodded "I'm sorry for your loses, but there's nothing I can do, I will speak to Agni about this" she nodded, turning on her heel and walking back down, Neku sighed and disappeared again.

    Neku walked along the nether fortress' halls, he turned the corner and descended down a flight of stairs, when he reached the bottom he saw Agni before him, he knelt one knee and bowed to him, Agni merely turned his gaze from his seeing orb to Neku "Speak" he said, his menacing voice bouncing off the walls, Neku kept his gaze at the floor "Tsuki-" "Who is that?" he asked, Neku sighed and spoke again "The leader of the Joh Nee A village sends a complaint, an infected survivor from the kingdom found his way to their land and the infection overtook him, he nearly killed one of them" he said, "They need somewhere safer then where they are now, I suggested clearing out your stadium, but that's too risky and there is a good chance they wouldn't make it...Is there anything you can do for them?" he asked, standing back up and looking up at him, Agni's gaze met his and he grumbled "This is the human's own fault, they released the infection again after the deal was sealed, I cannot be held responsible for this...besides, it is rather fun to watch this..." the orb floated over towards Neku, he gazed in, seeing Aby holding Laura, dead, in his arms. "The King is trying to find a cure...It's cute really, he's betrayed his own people, the one you're viewing now was experimented on and is immune, but now he bares the visage of the abominations, and his wife is even dead now because of this...Ah it's just like the old days, only this time I don't get to be blamed." he laughed heartily, beckoning the orb back to him"Send my apologies, but I cannot help them since this is not my problem, if they're lucky they will survive...or the King will get to them first...he's still looking for viable test subjects hah...Too bad the doctor is trapped in his castle still with the infected...he won't last long." Neku sighed and crossed his arms "So there is nothing, nothing at all you can do for them?" he said, Agni shook his head. Neku closed his eyes and looked to the side, then nodded "Thank you for time sire, sorry to bother you" Neku turned and climbed back up the staircase, baring the grim news.

    Neku reappeared at the pond, taking steps down the hill, still a vision, he walked to the village and greeted the villagers, nodding to them as he passed, smiling at the children as they ran around chasing one another. He phased through the door of Tsuki's home, he noticed she was asleep on her bed and he closed his eyes as well, waiting for her to wake. Sometime during the night she woke up and got out of bed, jumping back slightly when she saw Neku "Gods you scared the crap out of me...what'd Agni say?" she asked, Neku opened his eyes and looked at her "He can do nothing, they breached the sanctum on their" he said, she looked grimly at him then sighed "So our only choices are too stay here, or risk the stadium?" he nodded, she paced around the house for a bit, she growled a moment and punched her hand through the wooden wall, it stuck and she pulled it free "Fine...fine we'll take the risk...first thing in the morning we're going up to the stadium" Neku nodded and phased back through the door, then stuck his head through, "I'll be watching to make sure all goes well, don't worry" he phased back out and made his way back up the hill, Tsuki smiled slightly, letting out a long sigh and laying back down, closing her eyes.

    Neku looked towards the village in the morning, sitting atop the stadium, he saw the villagers all headed towards the stadium, making their way up the hill. Neku looked grim, he turned his head back to the inner stadium, watching the hundreds of zombies roaming around inside, most of them former villagers themselves, he frowned and watched as they reached the gate, opening it, the zombies slowly turning to them and running, the villagers drew their weapons and began attacking, Neku floated above watching, already a few had fallen, the baby zombies ran inbetween and around the legs, climbing up onto one villager and grabbing at his face, he cried out and tried to pry it off, but its grip was too tight, another man had to stab the baby, along with the man's face who it was attached too. They were being pushed back, and being over-run easily, Neku growled and floated downwards to attract the zombies attention, swirling around until they had noticed him and tried grabbing at him, but to only grab air, Tsuki took notice and saw the signal he was giving. She and the others closed the gates and they went back down to the village, most in tears. All but Tsuki returned, she went to the pond again, waiting for Neku. An hour later he reappeared, she was sitting on the ground, her hands on her face "I'm sorry" he said, she looked up, tears streaming down her face, she wiped them away and sniffled slightly as she spoke "You...you have come here yourself...maybe with your help you could...help us, I mean you can use your powers and all that an-and.." Neku looked down at her, he tried to hug her but he only phased through her, she tried hugging him back and cried more. They sat there in the silence for awhile, the only sound were Tsuki's tears. Neku stood back up and clenched his fists, "I will come to your world, Agni may not want to do anything but watch this madness, but I wish to end it" he said, she looked up and rubbed her eyes "T-thank you..." he nodded, then disappeared.

    He stood infront of the nether portal in the fortress, staring into the purple abyss of it for awhile before taking a step forward, cringing as he heard Agni's voice in his head "If you go there, I will take away any power you have" he said, Neku said back to him "Good, I do not need them to help Tsuki and the others, the only reason you saved me in the first outbreak was because you asked me as a sign of trust of the deal to sacrifice the old king and queen, I still regret it to this day, and I will make up for it by helping Joh Nee A, so I do not make that same mistake again" he said, then stepped through the portal. Somewhere up in the sky, a purple abyss appeared, Neku falling downwards into the ocean from it, then it disappeared. He heard that voice again and cringed, his vision dimming slightly "Have it your way then...but know this as the last words you hear from me in this life...you will not remember a thing of this life, nor will you remember your friends, I will keep those memories for myself...and as for the villagers..." he said, a little laugh in his voice. Neku looked into the distance, another purple abyss, a much larger one, appeared in the sky, from it came a meteor of flaming nether rack, falling towards Joh Nee A, Neku's eyes widened and muttered the last words of his life to Agni "Curse...you.."

    Everything went black.

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