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For the MTA Admins

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by phannydantom, Dec 7, 2020.

For the MTA Admins
  1. phannydantom Silver

    - You take MTA down without warning
    - You tell the community MTA will be back soon, better than ever with updates, bug fixes, and expansions
    - Months pass
    - The community asks questions about when it will return and is ignored
    - More time passes
    - More questions arise, more posts are made, asking politely when MTA will be back
    - Community still has practically zero communication with MTA Admins, Devs, Mods, etc.
    - No answers for people who have played for hours on the server, promoted the server to friends, and paid money to the server and MTA
    - MTA has still not come back, still no answers from Admins, and now MTA has been removed from the sidebar which is one of the only official indications that it's unlikely to come back

    You guys let the community down. You had a good thing and all you had to do was not ruin it, and you couldn't even manage that. People would've flocked to MTA during COVID lockdowns like they have with many other games and services that offer some kind of escape during these times. You could've helped people, and instead you took something away from them, and then lied about it when they asked you about it. You don't deserve the power/authority you have, you don't deserve to get money from people you've turned your back on, you don't deserve good gaming experiences if you don't provide that for others when it's literally your job that you signed up for. You deserve to feel like shitty people, the irony being that you probably don't care if you're shitty people because you are in fact shitty people.

    Congrats on your failure. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  2. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead

    I don't think you have a clue what you're talking about.

    Maintenance announcement
    Status update
    Teaser video
    I have answered many questions on discord so I'm quite unsure where all this is coming from.

    MTA is still being worked on daily, and we now have 3 MTA developers instead of 1.
    IT IS coming back no doubt about it.
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  3. phannydantom Silver

    I apologize for coming on strong. I was angry about something else when I wrote that so I'm sorry if I was more aggressive than I needed to be. I really enjoyed MTA and have been frustrated for a while at its' sudden disappearance, like I said, especially during COVID times where quality distractions are in higher demand.

    That said, the Maintenance announcement you're referencing is from 10 months ago and has several comments on it asking when it will return and expressing doubt that it will return without any responses from anyone on the inside of the MTA team.

    The Status update is from back in August and is the only written statement that speaks of the release date but is vague about it.

    The Teaser video has a date on it (01/02/2021) but I wouldn't want to assume that's when it will be out, and if it was I would hope it would be explicitly expressed as the release date, whereas the video ends on "Coming Soon."

    I don't use Discord so I can't speak to the communication you've had on there, but Discord doesn't have the same consistency or the state of constant being that a forum does and so that's where I tend to check.

    Once again I apologize if I rubbed you or anyone on the MTA team the wrong way, but I don't think all of what I'm expressing or asking about is out of nowhere. MTA would not be the first game for this to happen to on Shotbow, as in the game disappearing, the community being lead to believe it will return, not having a specific return date, and then it just fades away and people eventually stop asking questions and the game never makes a return. The point being that I think there are valid reasons to be skeptical and I don't personally feel that the communication between the MTA team and the community has been enough to offset those doubts, at least for me.

    I'd really rather not see MTA follow that pattern, and it's not as easy knowing what's going on if you're in the community vs. being in your position where you can see things happening and progress being made first-hand.

    I'm not trying to be an asshole, I just really enjoyed MTA and would like to see it come back.
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  4. phannydantom Silver

    Would you please respond to my last post?
  5. Runkelpokk Gold

  6. phannydantom Silver

    That was directed at noobfan / MTA Admins. Not sure why you're trolling me, I remember seeing you on MTA enough to know that you'd like it back too.
  7. Runkelpokk Gold

    If you look at other posts that were directed to admins it is surprising that you even got an answer.
    I would also be happy if mta comes back but I don't think it will happen anytime soon :/
  8. phannydantom Silver

    I already have looked at other posts because, despite what noobfan may think, I wanted to know what I was talking about.

    I saw that there were questions from the community and that responses from anyone on the inside of MTA were almost nonexistent. Some of the main points of my original post are the poor communication between the MTA Admins and the community, and the lack of confidence that MTA will return anytime soon if at all.

    I'm not sure if you meant to but your post hit the nail on the head - you're surprised I got any communication at all, and while you'd be happy if MTA returned, you're not holding your breath. To me, that sounds like there's room for improvement, especially since there still hasn't been a follow up response from anyone from MTA.
  9. ca6c6 Regular Member


    it's surely but i think so the teaser video on 2021 1 2, so we need wait it.
  10. SHIZUKINTV Regular Member

    The admins did not say that 2 January 2021 was the official release date.
    I think they were saying that there might be something in it for them that day, even if it wasn't directly related.
    Please note that this is just my rice-grain brain memory and not a definitive statement.

    Japanese translation (just in case)
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  11. MCDuckler Platinum

    3 devs, one year downtime, that sets the expectations kinda high, not gonna lie.
  12. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead

    well we had 0 dev for 10 months of that so

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