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Discussion food_rares are underpowered

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Aldi_Discount, May 23, 2020.

Discussion - food_rares are underpowered
  1. Aldi_Discount Platinum

    I've been farming Pileus recently and it's amazing for food now after the Origins update. However from my perspective, the new food_rare chest is the worst chest there. It takes forever to respawn. I once had to wait more than 7 (!) minutes until it respawned. And guess what it then gave me: A singular mushroom! And that 3 times in a row. If it had been a food_uncommon instead, I could have looted in estimate twice as often and got more wheat out of it to craft cookies.

    I see how it is nice to find a baked potato or a pumpkin pie in one chest, but to be honest, those foods are still worse than cookies, mushroom stews and bread which you can find easily in food_uncommons. Also it seems to me that the Cake drop rate of food_rares is almost the same as in food_uncommons as I've found 4 cakes in the food_uncommons at Pileus and only 1 cake in the food_rare in one session.

    My suggestions:
    1. Increase the chest respawn rate of food_rares!
    2. Increase the cake drop rate of food_rares significantly
    3. Instead of dropping a single mushrooms make it drop 2 different mushrooms at once

    Tell me what you guys think! :)

  2. Napoleon__1er Emerald

    i agree all the food rare ive found spawn like 1 item or 2 when very lucky, and if its a cocoa bean or a mushroom u feel like loot tables laughing at you xd

    especially since the staff team said they wanted players to stop "getting an inventory of food in spawn town and run up to any location" because exactly the opposite is happening rn, you get the same bad food south and mid map, and it doesnt require much time to make a full inventory of the bad food south, so people still skip mid map when they want food, and due to how bad the food rares are north well you have to go back south to get food again, food uncomons and rares should be heavily buffed imo
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  3. SupremeGustice Platinum

    I've had really good luck with food_rare's so far. I think it's just a luck thing tbh.

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