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Suggestion Final Request for Change

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by camo3333, Oct 23, 2013.

Suggestion - Final Request for Change
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  1. Eggo Platinum

    Response to the 1.7 update is here.
    Response to the Jet Pack update is here.
    Note: This thread is about Wasted: Sandbox only.

    When Wasted: Sandbox started out, it was an amazing creation. It was a radical new game idea, as all of Shotbow's other games relied on melee PvP. Wasted changed that, though. Wasted introduced a new style of play in which there was a wide variety of weapons instead of just diamond or iron swords, team or solo capabilities, the sensational idea of auto-building parts with which create whatever kind of base you want, the aspect of explosions with partial physics, the new innovation of pigs as cars with variable speeds based on terrain, and the ability to fly with jetpacks. At the beginning, people tried to stick together on teams to survive. They built bases, shared loot, and worked together to buy expensive items. They profited as a team, and had a whole lot of fun. As people spent more time on Wasted though, people started playing alone. There were more enemies to kill, and no team killing penalties to worry about. Then people started getting money faster, as they got good. Jetpacks became a common occurrence. As time went on, people discovered how to fly with 2 jetpacks at once, and therefore stay aloft for indefinite periods of time. Even after the jetpack price was raised, people were still getting enough money to buy them fast. Pretty soon, clans took over. At this point, most good wasted players played on the team "Independents." When clans came out, there were not many options for most skilled players. Join a clan, or instead always be forced to fight an entire team. Clans got jetpacks even faster than normal players, as they could easily hold a big city and camp it for kills. Clans with jetpacks were dangerous, and hard to defeat as they backed each other up. This made areas on the map viewed as inaccessible to regular players, as most non-experienced players cannot defeat an army of jetpackers. From then on, Wasted entered a downhill tumble. The server number was cut down over and over again, until there was only 1 server running. This confined all the jetpackers to 1 server, and many times jetpackers would occupy different cities to avoid conflict. Wasted had turned into a game for veterans.

    This brings us to today. As of now, almost all veterans of Wasted are jetpackers, and many have alternate accounts in which to store backup jetpacks. Clan wars made everything worse, they incited animosity into the hearts of the players. People started to hate each other over petty loot, and strive at their utmost to be the best. Nobody cares about teams anymore, except for new players and jetpackers grouping with other jetpackers to completely dominate the field. A number of Veteran players have had enough and quit Wasted, myself included. These days, a fight between jetpackers consists of people flying in circles either using the jetpack fuel glitch or 2 jetpacks so that they fly infinitely. These fights can last for 15-30 minutes, until one player decides to fly away, hide, or dies from lag. Rarely do these extended fights end in a legitimate victor. New players do not have any chance to survive, as the servers are filled with jetpacking groups that destroy grounded enemies in seconds. New players do not get much of an opportunity to learn how to play, and quit out of frustration. The group of people considered by the community to be "Veterans" has not gained any new players in a long time. Wasted is not gaining players, but losing them.

    All in all, Wasted is dying. By the time Unavowed comes out, it will probably be completely dead and devoid of any players. Nowadays, it seems that the only things people care about on Wasted are getting more jetpacks and being better than everyone else. This has gotten so bad that players are openly hostile to each other. People don't care about making bases anymore, any jetpacker can come along and blow you up with rockets from a safe spot in the air. Any skilled player is almost invincible with jetpacks. He can always get the height advantage, and can flee from a battle any time his health is low. People don't bother with tactics anymore, such as a strategy to invade a base. They just fire a few rockets from a safe aerial position and the job is done. Wasted needs changes, badly. Some small changes could greatly benefit the play style and community of Wasted.

    Changes (Sandbox Mode Only):
    -Removal of jetpacks, or a nerf in which you cannot hold 2 jetpacks at once or cannot shoot while flying.
    -New base buildings: Wasted has had the same set placeable buildings for as long as I can remember, and needs something new to shake things up a bit and inspire people to try to make new cool bases with them.
    -Re-addition of Pigs and Cows
    -Fixing of a few notable bugs, such as the broken scope bug and the glitch in which the mounted m240 can be removed from the turret providing any newspawn with a powerfull, portable machine gun.

    Lazertester made a reddit post the other day, stating that he would be re-adding Pigs and removing Horses. A link to that can be found here. I hope that when he does this, he can address a few other major issues with Wasted, such as those changes listed above. If you want to help support these changes, please post your username and state that you wish to support the changes, so I can add you to the list of supporters. I know that there have been other player made petitions for change, and I hope that this one gets things done.

    List of Supporters:
    -:lmao:_Gaming (Sorry, can't disable the emoticon)
    There are currently 299 supporters!

    EDIT: If you want to help get this thread out there and show additional support, please add some kind of related message and a link here to your signature.

    Also, if you have any additional ideas to add to the list, please post them in the comments, and based on the positive or negative feedback they receive I will add them to the list.

    To all admins or developers reading: I hope that you have considered the suggestions I provided, the evidence and backing I gave them, and the list of supporters to this thread to reach a common decision about what to make of Wasted's future.

    I also hope you note the number of people who have taken the effort to convert their signature to one supporting this thread or linking to it.
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  2. CitizenErased_ Regular Member

    I want the change camo. I want the change. Wasted in a way is still fun but when I first started there weren't pkpers with jetpacks, it was all ground war. Now jpers r the basis of everything. Iv only killed a Jper 3 times and 2 of those were luck. Not being able to shoot while in the air would be so awesome. Or if they made it so that it is extremely inaccurate when flying it might even be better. It's sad I didn't play earlier. I still play sandbox but now Iv grow to like control. Although control isn't as fun as sandbox, sandbox has cancer. By cancer I mean it is being populated with jpers that kill the wasted community. I will be posting your thread all over to get attention to the devs. Excuse any grammar mistakes.
  3. CitizenErased_ Regular Member

    Oh. My username is cr7fanboy. Add me.
    argy111 likes this.
  4. HDsharpshooter Regular Member

    I agree with this, just hating all those people who can fly and get high killstreaks because they are using jetpacks and can avoid ground combat where they will die more easily :3 Put me on dat supporter list
  5. ben_ballad Silver

    pigs are coming back, I dont have the source right now but I saw it on reddit :D Lazer doesn't like horses
    argy111 and cr7fanboy like this.
  6. Eggo Platinum

    Ik, I mentioned so at the bottom of the thread and made another thread about it, linking now.
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  7. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    I support the thing of being unable to carry 2 Jetpacks, re-adding of old vehicles, motivation to use buildings and major issues fixing.Add me already!
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  8. MangoSmoothies Platinum

    YES. I don't agree with the jetpack nerf though, but building bases and should be much more profitable and there should easily be a counter to jetpackers. Some heat seeking missle or whatnot.
  9. BigBadBacon Regular Member

    I think that you shouldn't be able to wear Kevlar when you are using a JP, and I completely agree with the 1 JP at a time thing.
    Add me to the list too plz
    persin9, argy111 and cr7fanboy like this.
  10. LethalPacifist Platinum

    Bumping it! :D
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  11. _Han Silver

    Add me to the list. You have my full support.

    argy111 and cr7fanboy like this.
  12. 20thCenturyBoy Retired Staff

    Ye.. I've just used a lot of my space in the thread by AlecJames concerning Wasted.
    You can find it here.
    Wasted died due to the lack of support and interest / time in it.
    The staff has done a great job with this game mode but didn't support it enough.
    Hopefully it will rise like the phoenix, but I'm not sure about it.
    I'm seeing forward to play it again, without any problems and without the horses :stuck_out_tongue:
    Back to the roots, I want to drive in my piggy :D

    You may add me to the list as well.

    Some time ago Lord_Haakon started a petition but I sadly can't find it anymore.
  13. Eggo Platinum

    Yes, I know about Haakon's thread. He and I kinda thought of the ideas, anyway it got locked for being too demanding. This thread is simply a suggestion thread, and the name list is just to tabulate how many people are supporting. I have also revamped the old concepts and added a few new ones.
    argy111, cr7fanboy and 20thCenturyBoy like this.
  14. 20thCenturyBoy Retired Staff

    Thanks for the informations.
    Gosh, you don't know how I miss the time we've spent in Wasted when it was fully functional and hell load of people playing :D
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  15. TheBlackHole_ Platinum

    why do people hate horses?
    argy111 and cr7fanboy like this.
  16. Sad Emerald

    Devan Approves.
  17. DragonsMayDie Silver

    Put my name on that list, I agree with everything and I'm sad to see how Wasted is dying, I take a large share of the blame as back in the day I was one of the biggest clan pushers as many of you know, I just wish I had seen the error of my ways back then as it seems too late now. These days I go solo or team with 2-3 of my old friends and I hunt down these groups of JPers when I can sparing regular players but I fear it's not nearly enough, the only way to truly revive wasted is to remove jetpacks.
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  18. LethalPacifist Platinum

    I'm glad to see you in this. :D
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  19. Mustard_Bong Silver

    Can i support too? I admit, that i was one of those Veterans(Well... Noob Vet) And i Liked Wasted from the beginning, but as you said, as time went on, It was a game of whos gonna get Jetpacks and the best KS, and the most Money, and People stopped Building Awesome bases, and it was all every man for himself. I'd now wished to see This once great game to be brought back to glory with a Huge update, like how Annihilation and Smash are getting, and see the Devs give it the love it deserves.... Personally, I'd like to see Jet-Packs removed, cause its just cheap and Getting boring, to just fly, and kill....
    argy111, cr7fanboy and mcp123123 like this.
  20. Epicsts Regular Member

    hehehe... I started Wasted about 1 or 2 months ago... I quit recently because horses suck... But when piggies are coming back so will I... And I am gonna love killing jetpackers like the old days. Don't nerf the jetpacks, it is more fun to fight people flying than other footsoldiers. (and no, i never use jetpacks)
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