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Suggestion feedback xdddd

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by adidasrulle, Apr 10, 2019.

Suggestion - feedback xdddd
  1. adidasrulle Platinum

    hey do you know what is cool

    changelog being better

    Roseluck opened with
    minor changes

    but like actually it’s something small but I like that it doesn’t just say dungeon is reopened xddd


    I think zombie villagers should be like


    atm they are just slower zombies imo

    idk if others would agree, but I feel like there is a lot of potential for new features and content

    instead of just being another kind of zombie


    to make up for gapples being pretty bad overall

    they can be part of a process to turn zombie villagers into traders and/or people that start quests when quests come to the game xddddddd

    it doesn’t have to be anything like that specifically, but I just feel like making zombie villagers so plain is a waste of a lot of potential

    epic copy paste from discord

  2. wSaiz86 Regular Member

    dude, zombie villager are more common than normal zombies so you will get villager all the time
  3. adidasrulle Platinum


    bruh i didn't say anything about them being too rare/common. i'm saying having them be a slight variant from normal zombies is a waste of potential, and that there could be a lot more done with them
  4. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    The villager zombies are great, I like the variance in the towns. Also, if you're going to give "feedback", at least structure it to be even remotely professional.
    Also, what potential? Spell it out, make suggestions. What would you do? Actually contribute.
  5. adidasrulle Platinum


    ok so yeah i talk in a stupid way sorry i'll stop. also i did make suggestions? specifically? like yeah they weren't well composed but that doesn't mean they weren't written.... if you're gonna be snarky then at least be right about what you are saying...

    Rephrasing what I was trying to say in the original post, I think zombie villagers are a waste of potential, and could be so much more and a slight variant of zombie with no real differences. As I said above, they could be linked to the the upcoming quest system, be "traders" of sorts, etc.. There are so many options and possibilities when it comes to stuff like this that I don't think it's reasonable to call someone out for not listing them. the general gist of what I was saying is that zombie villagers atm, are very plain and simple, but should be reworked into something more unique. also- if you're gonna be snarky then at least be right about what you are saying...
  6. Ceryl Regular Member

    Why did you type out this thread so... weirdly :lmao:
    Lord_Aaron and ItsSoular like this.

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