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Class Suggestion Feedback From Immobilizer Community Poll

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by AlcSplashInc, Sep 16, 2020 at 4:25 PM.

Class Suggestion - Feedback From Immobilizer Community Poll
  1. AlcSplashInc Regular Member

    Final Note - List of Written Feedback From The Poll

    • dont make it so long
    • no change needed.
    • Bigger cooldown
    • Cancels out immobilization whenever the Immobilizer gets hit
    • It’s OP but it’s the only class that doesn’t make defending as boring as it is. Defending should be changed somehow but I don’t think there’s an easy answer to it without fundamentally breaking the game.
    • No
    • Immo is a high reward no skill class. I mean it’s obvious all you do is hold right click and you can kill god geared players easily. I think it needs a nerf so it isn’t used as an offense class. Reducing its duration to around 2-3 seconds while outside of base is what I suggest.
    • Hmm then only 5 person can have the kit put I LOVE ITATI SHE IS MY LOVE OF LIVE - by: IarielxT
    • It should be slowness 1000000 so you have the chance to drink milk to get out of it faster
    • phase4以降から使える
    • https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/annihilation-update-immobiliser-ionite.405694/#post-3064858
    • it should be that the kit is enabled in the same range as the defender kit, or maybe you have to throw a snowball to get immobilized
    • Nope
    • shorter duration
    • Remove it
    • Immobilized means unable to move; make the target unable to move, but still able to deal damage. This gives the target a better chance of survival, while still being at a immobilized disadvantage. Or make immobilizer only available within the same zone as defender. Solo rushers should assume the risk but everyone across the map shouldn't be penalized for the playstyle.
    • Perhaps a radius in which immo can work? Sort of like the defender warp — it’s ability only works within the nexus area?
    • Please reduce the time of the stun.
    • Decrease the cool-down and decrease the immo time! Make it a quick cd ability like pyro.
    • They need to make it that you cant hit him while immobilized, and give them longer slowness/miningfatique
    • Make immobilizer an actual support class and dont let players take damage while being immo'd
    • nope
    • I personally don’t have many issues with immobilizer as I only use it for defending, but I know many players are frustrated with it being used outside of the nexus. I like some of the community suggested changes like; - Immobilizer should not be spammable (holding right click) - Only working in nexus area
    • Don't it's fine how it is.
    • add 20 block reach for the ability range, like dasher
    • removal
    • Yes, less time and be able to shoot arrows
    • Check soto’s thread, he summed it up nicely
    • It’s fine
    • Remove it
    • Change to only work inside nexus area
    • sine iMM + WAR in my iron mine
    • soto's post
    • 効果時間を短くする。CTを長くする。
    • 消す
    • 拘束時間2秒
    • 動けなくして攻撃はできるようにする
    • enable to attack enemys while being stuck by a immobilizer, but the player who is immobilized can't attack the immobilizer and vice versa
    • 拠点内のみにて
    • イモビライザーにかかっている間は被ダメージ量50%カット
    • 拘束時間の短縮 拘束時、使用出来るアイテムの追加
    • ディフェンダーの様にアビリティを使用できる範囲を制限するべき。
    • 盾でダメージ0にできるようにする
    • 効果時間を2秒に戻す
    • イモビによる採掘速度低下と移動速度低下の効果時間を3秒に短縮 
    • 動きを止める秒数を短くする
    • permit players to attack enemys while being stuck by a immobilizer, but players can't attack the immobilizer and vice versa
    • It should change to be not able to use except for permission area.
    • only permission area
    • 全く動けなくするのではなく、大きな移動速度低下を付与する。 採掘速度低下を削除。
    • 自軍パーミッションエリアでのみ使用可能
    • 採掘速度低下の時間を短くする クラスアイテムのスライムボールのcooltimeを長くする プレイヤーがもう一度イモビライザーを使われるまでのcooltimeを長くする
    • Change ct 30-60 Can use base only
    • 自軍のパーミッションエリア内でのみ使えるようにする。その上その他passive能力を追加する
    • Sine IMM +WAR
    • 効果時間2~3秒 パーミッションの外では使えない=
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