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Discussion Favorite Game That's No Longer Playable?

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Mediumistic, Jul 8, 2019.

Discussion - Favorite Game That's No Longer Playable?
  1. Mediumistic Platinum

    Just something I was wondering. I randomly thought about Last Man Standing earlier today, and it made me wonder about the other retired games.
    Which one's your favorite? Mine's When in Rogue.

  2. _Silver Gold

    When in Rogue was a good game. I really like its concept as a Minecraft gamemode, it would be cool to see that get revived (maybe with more interesting dungeon generation and enemy types)
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  3. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    I freaking miss Ghostcraft, that was my all time favorite game
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  4. Prompted Regular Member

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  5. Sacrificial Gold

    lms & wasted
  6. MuffinMinister Platinum

    MineZ 2 and all the unfinished dungeons that were in there, would have been really cool to see them connect the prequel MineZ 2 to the MineZ classic world (its been confirmed theyre one and the same world, just a long time is inbetween each version)
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  7. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    I agree, MineZ 2 was taken down too early, but it was a bit broken when people figured out how to make iron gear really quickly. I think Shotbow should go back to it's roots, offering MineZ, Smash, Ghostcraft, DBV, Annilation, and then make work When-in- Rogue back in. They were all extremely successful games that just needed a bit more work.
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  8. dmminecraft1 Platinum

    Ghostcraft was the greatest thing way back
  9. Ivandagiant Silver

    LMS. I loved the balance between combat and zombies. I don't have the patience to spend 30 min walking and looting in MineZ for a single worthwhilefight, so LMS was amazing for me.

    Shotbow Games. I really enjoyed this. Simple and classic.

    When in Rogue. Good god I loved this game, I thought it would bring in a new age for Shotbow and I was sure all my friends would enjoy it (They don't like PvP, but enjoy PvE). Never came to fruition, sadly.

    Light Bikes: I used to love playing Tron on my gameboy, and light bikes had a lot of nostalgia for me due to that. Having the whole light bike game in 3D also allowed for some really cool ideas, like being able to jump over trails. I loved this game.

    Assault: I really enjoyed playing this game, sad to see it go
  10. Smartz_ Platinum

    MineZ 2 bruh
  11. boogaert Emerald

    LMS or Wasted
  12. Manaea Platinum

    Crafting Mama used to be lit
  13. pokeminer9999 Gold

    Minecraft 1.7.10
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  14. Flexicution Platinum

    bring back wasted, my glory days!

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