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Suggestion Farmer Upgrades/Improvements

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by iTz_Dipsy, Nov 6, 2019.

Suggestion - Farmer Upgrades/Improvements
  1. iTz_Dipsy Regular Member


    I have a suggestion to improve the farmer class:

    The suggestion is to show the hunger level of your teammates, so you know when to use the 'Feast' ability (golden carrot). This could be shown like the Healer/Succubus class, in the players' nametags. Even though this ability has a low cooldown, it's still useful to know whether it had any effect. Currently there is no feedback after using the 'Feast' ability.

    It's a minor suggestion, but it might be useful to see.
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  2. Unhinge Platinum


    Farmer is one of the best classes seriously, a quality of life improvement like seeing team mates hunger might be cool but it doesn't need an outright buff ._.
  3. iTz_Dipsy Regular Member

    Ok, I didn't test it a lot yet, so I based the suggestion on what I saw. I edited the question to only include the first suggestion.

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