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Faction Recruiting:

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by sootquest, Jun 12, 2014.

Faction Recruiting:
  1. sootquest Silver

    Hello, the "Sooty" faction is looking for new members:
    We have the beginnings of what I'm hoping will become a thriving base. The idea is to invite people that have excellent survival skills and won't fuck with our power level too much, but even if they did, we'd still have enough members so that our base remains unraidable.

    At present, we have two members, so I'm looking to recruit members that can play through all hours. The structure of the base has been competed, but it is not functional (we need to gather resources like trees). This is a beginning faction, but we do have a bank balance capable of supporting home teleports and protected land with ample room.

    We're looking for people that can provide the minimum:
    • Knowledge of basic commands
    • Knowledge of advanced base security, e.g., not building doors on the edge of the protected land, not making glass thinner than two blocks, not leaving any holes open, isolation of base with elaborate doors, escape tunnels, etc
    • Able to contribute to faction bank by doing spawn runs
    • Functionality--make the base self-sustainable
    • Creativity--make the base look good
    A final note: we have nothing worth taking. The Sooty's have allowed people to come into their faction to take refuge and they've left unharmed. We are uncommonly kind to our own detriment. On a hardcore PvP server, sincerity is 1 in 1 million. We expect all members to be equally as sincere to each other.

  2. Awkward_Boner Regular Member

    Hello can I join please? Cheers
  3. sootquest Silver

    You're a regular member, absolutely. Our base is probably exposed at the moment because I died recently, but feel free to go there and seal it up safe. Just remember--our base is close to spawn and extremely vulnerable to people camping us. Will invite now.
  4. sootquest Silver

    Lol wut--our base never went raidable when I last died. I've invited you. I need to do some work, so if you die, we'll remain unraidable. All supplies are free to use how you see fit.
  5. LightswornKing Regular Member

    May I join iv need looking for a faction for quite some time now and would b e glad to join. I enjoy stirp mining can pvp well and I would be online a lot.
    I also enjoy seting up farms like auto sugarcane farms xp farms ex. im good with redstone and I just generally can help with whatever u need
  6. Yukino_L9 Platinum

    Yo invite me I guess I have 10 dia blocks and 20 iron and gold blocks LFF
  7. RubInTheTubz Regular Member

    Just wondering If I could join c;
    ign RubInTheTubz
  8. abean077 Regular Member

    Can I join? I'm a very nooby noob just so you know and this will be my first day on the server. I have had experience with faction servers before, but not hardcore ones.

    -Knowledge of Basic Commands
    As I said, I don't have any prior experience, but I learn quickly and have already read through the commands on the webpage.

    -Knowledge of Advanced Base Security.
    I have read through the webpage, so I do know not to make things on edges, but as I said earlier, I learn quickly and learn from my mistakes.

    -Spawn Runs
    No clue on that because I've never played here before. I'm OK at PvP and know how to sprint. I wouldn't trust me for spawn runs if there were someone better, but I might do in a pinch.

    This is the area that I can probably contribute most to. I've built underground tree farms before (with birch saplings, , know how to build wheat/carrot/potato farms well, and can mine well if we need that. I have a lot of experience with underground survival without going to the surface, as I have an affinity for the underground. If we're aboveground (yeah I'm a noob) then it's all the easier, that annoying space requirement for tree farms is gone.

    A month ago I would have said "No. Just no." Now I say, with a bit more building experience, "If you can get anyone else to do it, do." My houses are little boxes in the sides of mountains. If I make an aboveground house, it's a tiny box. I think I can make something look OK if I tried, but not something great.

    EDIT: I used /f show and can't find your faction.
  9. _JasZ Silver

    INV ME I have 7 kills
    (also invite frozenicepop1774, hes my friend)

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