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Question Extreme Entity Lag

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by LaterXavier, Aug 13, 2017.

Question - Extreme Entity Lag
  1. LaterXavier Regular Member

    Can someone help me? I have this issue where when I enter combat, the game thinks I am standing still. Everything else works it just gets me stuck and I die.

  2. LegitNube Platinum

    Get a better computer?
  3. Runkelpokk Gold

    Download Thema resorspack in your own anderen enable The Server resorspack
    If you Play with WLAN use a LAN cable
  4. Ktrompfl MTA Mini Admin

    What version are you using/ do you have any modifications? You can also check your connection with /ping and your FPS/ CPU and RAM usage with F3.
  5. LaterXavier Regular Member

    1.12.1 Ping is 113 and optifine along with no videos or music in background and only low ram usage applications.
    Edit: Fps is 20-60 depending on whats happening not effected by entity lag.
  6. Aexon Regular Member

    What I still don't understand is, are you talking about FPS lag, or internet lag. From what you said in the first post it seems to be internet but...
    Is your Minecraft window freezing when it happens ? Or can you still move around ?

    If it's FPS lag and you want to know the cause :
    Ctrl + Alt + Del -> Task manager. If the cause of your problem is a "bad" CPU you may notice a peak to 100% in CPU usage when it happens.
    Keep F3 open and look at to right of your screen, somewhere it says "Used memory: X%". If it's around 90-100% all the time is what causes the lag (a peak at 100% will lag). It means Minecraft does not have enough ram allocated.
  7. LaterXavier Regular Member


    I can still move around.
  8. Aexon Regular Member

    So the problem probably comes from your internet. Your ping seems good but how's your download/upload speed ? Are you only getting this during fights ?
  9. LaterXavier Regular Member

  10. PeAcE_W1th_Al1 Silver

    It would be network problem change your computer or internet and downlode ping boosting program

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