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Video "Exiled", Qubion Build Team's latest project

Discussion in 'Qubion Creative' started by McJeffr, Apr 15, 2017.

Video - "Exiled", Qubion Build Team's latest project
  1. McJeffr Qubion Lead Admin

    Heyo everyone!

    We recently finished up a build for MCBuildcon 2017. This is basically a community-ran event that takes place once a year where builders and build teams from the creative community come together and share builds with eachother, as well as show eachother new tips and hints on how to improve building skills. We decided to participate this year and created a nice little build for it. Let us know what you think about it! All feedback is welcome!


    Lastly, we have compiled an imgur album of more images of the build. You can view it by clicking here.

  2. Jeroenhero Developer

    Needs more bonemealed trees

    Amazing job guys! Keep on the cool projects
    _Powerminer_ likes this.
  3. FinHed Regular Member

    This is amazing

    Well done.
  4. DutchBartje Emerald

    Qubion keeps amazing me with their phenomenal builds! Very well done Qubion! :wink:
  5. McJeffr Qubion Lead Admin

    Funny that you actually mention it, I didn't realize that this build has no trees at all! Well, no trees is better than bonemealed trees, amirite?
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  6. Lomrun Platinum

    Teach me. :(

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