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Event Helper Applications

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Outra, Jan 13, 2023.

Event Helper Applications
  1. Outra Administrator


    Event Helper Applications
    In addition to recently welcoming The Events Team to Shotbow, we are now accepting applications for it. What are the exact purposes of the team and why have we decided to do so? As explained in the latest Dentril's New Moon, the Event Team will be focusing on hosting events and tournaments on a weekly basis. Besides that, they will also be monitoring suggestions sent in by the community through the official Shotbow Discord.

    We currently have 3 different positions within the Shotbow Events Team: Event Staff, Event Helpers and Hosts. If you are interested in the Event Helper position, you will have the option to apply. But what exactly does an Event Helper do?
    • Assisting the event staff in organizing and planning future events
    • Monitoring event suggestions sent in by the community
    • Assisting the event team with event marketing efforts
    Please note that Event Helpers are not officially part of the Shotbow staff-team. However, if you prove yourself to by worthy of a promotion you will have a chance at becoming Event Staff, and this comes with ranks on the server, forums and our discord-server.


    Application Form
    We are currently looking for well motivated people that would be interesting in joining our team as Event Helpers. At the moment we do not have any requirements so anyone is free to apply for this position.

    What can we offer you?
    • Possibility to work in a well motivated team
    • Clear list of goals to work towards to
    • Exciting projects you can assist us in organizing
    • Opportunities to learn and grow your teamwork skills
    • Chance of getting promoted and joining the Shotbow staff-team
    If you're ready to apply feel free to CLICK HERE, and send us your application!

    Application Process
    After you've submitted your application it will be taken into consideration by the Event Staff members, please note that this can take up to two weeks before getting a reply here on the forums.
    When you're successful you will be invited to join a Discord call, so having a working microphone is a must. Next steps will be discussed from there. If your application is unsuccessful you will also receive a message on the forums including an explanation as to why we made this decision.

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  3. _Spectre_C Regular Member

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  4. Axyy Network Co-Lead

    Good luck to everyone applying!
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  5. _Spectre_Cel Regular Member

    Whoever applied, good luck! :)
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