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No Prefix ello can u plis fix ty

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by joshzen, Jan 23, 2021.

No Prefix - ello can u plis fix ty
  1. joshzen Regular Member

    In the item editor on smash u used to be able to put items to max or min instantly by holding shift or something
    Could u guys please add this feature again, it takes AGES to configure a game rn

    I can even make the feature if u guys want lmao

  2. Veghetto Retired Staff

    This is on our list of bugs, it may come with the Arenas 2.0 update however I don't want to outright confirm that as its still in the process of being developed. As per the latter part of the post, more devs are always welcome to the team
    Thanks for the report!

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