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Event Easter Event!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jeroenhero, Mar 31, 2018.

Event - Easter Event!
  1. Jeroenhero Retired Developer


    Good afternoon everyone!
    Today I'm here to announce the Shotbow Easter Event! This event consists out of several cosmetics and an ingame event!

    Egg Hunt

    The easter bunny needs your help! He lost all his big green easter eggs! He's inside the lobby and he's very sad and angry! He wants his eggs back. Can you help him? I recommend giving him a visit in the lobby! I heard he's somewhere near the Ghostcraft sign?
    After visiting this poor bunny, I recommend searching for this egg! The bunny will reward you gratefully! You can find those eggs on several Shotbowservers! Lobby, Smash and 2 other games!
    If you find all the eggs, you will get a bonus amount of XP! Trust me, it's worth :wink:
    Oh and if you are the first person to find all eggs, post a screenshot of the output from /easter on this thread! The first person who succesfully found all eggs will receive a free Gold Rank on Shotbow! That's cool right?

    Easter Bunny Pet 2018

    There's a new Easter Bunny Pet! And it's obviously really cute. Actually, it's not just one pet! When you right click this pet, the bunny will start an Easter celebration ceremony with some friends! And at the end of this ceremony, it will be raining eggs! Curious? Take a look ingame or buy it on the Shotbow Shop!

    Easter icons

    Why use a particle trail, when you can put an easter egg out of particles on your head? They come in 9 different types and they're totally awesome! Next to those eggs we also created a cherry blossom icon! It's fabulicious! Want to get it? Take a look at the Shotbow Shop!

    I think that's it for now! A big shoutout to all the staff who helped making the cosmetics, the PR, the translators and those I forgot!

    Happy easter to all players and enjoy!

    - Jeroen

    Egg Hunt Update:
    The Egg Hunt has temporarily been disabled due to issues. We hope to bring it back online soon.
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  2. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Happy Easter and happy April fools brotha.
    The golden rank better not be an April fools joke.
    MBTshock likes this.
  3. Runkelpokk Gold

  4. InfinityAura Platinum

    According to my List Transactions:

    Manaea and Ultimativemaster like this.
  5. Anthobot Platinum

    I found all of the Eggs
    Why didn't I get the Bonus xp? ;w;
  6. Smartz_ Platinum

  7. Capt Platinum

  8. up44 Platinum

  9. OGiMaMa_Club Platinum

  10. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    Hey guys, there was an issue where you could collect the same egg multiple times - and we've taken the plugin offline until this is fixed.

    I'll be investigating to see if someone actually found each type of egg.
  11. Anthobot Platinum

    Just Redo the entire thing, It was bugged.
  12. RealisticLie Regular Member

    where do you find the easter eggs
  13. Manaea Platinum


    But for real, 5 eggs can be found in the main lobby, 3 eggs in the annihilation lobby, 2 eggs in the smash lobby and 2 eggs in the slaughter lobby.
  14. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    I don't know but I lost all my hype juices for things like these. ;-;

    But good luck to everyone :stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Smartz_ Platinum

    Shotbow tried to do something good and the plugin stopped working...
  16. Bloxyest Gold

    eyy I found them all too
  17. kinakotori Gold

    Why did I get all the eggs but I do not get a bonus XP?
  18. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    I found all 12, too! :D
  19. Flobo_doggies Regular Member

    Found all of them but didn't get a final reward yet :( Tried it on several lobbies but it's still not working. (proof)

  20. LimeBlue Regular Member


    This seems to be because of the earlier bug which let you collect some eggs up to 4 times. If you got one (or more) egg(s) more than once you will not be rewarded the 5000xp on completion.

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