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Question Dungeons w/ Pressure Plates

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by gameboy10_01, Oct 3, 2019.

Question - Dungeons w/ Pressure Plates
  1. Gameboy1001 Regular Member

    For dungeons that need multiple people to stand on a pressure plate simultaneously, would it be possible to lure a zombie onto the plate(s) or use a Zombie Bow? If so, would that be a viable strategy (for instance, in a speedrun)?

  2. 1999rocks Platinum

    yeah, I'm pretty sure years ago when I did dungeons it worked. I'm not sure about now though.
  3. _Silver Platinum

    Most of the locations where a zombie could be used to hit a pressure plate have been changed to buttons for this exact reason. However, if any of them still exist, it's definitely possible and can make soloing certain things easier.
  4. ohxd Silver

    thank you for enlightening the community

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