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Suggestion Dungeon XP Rewards

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Ruined_Fort, May 10, 2019.

Suggestion - Dungeon XP Rewards
  1. Ruined_Fort Gold

    XP has always been a problem in MineZ in my opinion and im sure quite a few people would agree with that. I don't know what efforts have been made to work on this, but I think that this idea provides a good scaffolding to build off of. Making dungeons reward xp on completion. I was thinking that different dungeons would give xp dependent on difficulty. So a dungeon like Maze of the tenth would give considerably less xp than Anemos Sanctum. Heres a couple of ideas about that.

    > Dungeons would give a base xp reward dependent on the difficulty of the dungeon.
    > Dungeon xp rewards could be affected by the speed at which a dungeon is finished.
    >Dungeon xp could be divided by the amount of people to complete the dungeon.

    Some suggestions for base xp.

    Darnie's Practice Dungeon > 15 Base Xp
    Maze Of the Tenth > 75 Base Xp
    Lost Thieves' Guild > 120 Base Xp
    Aeternalis Cathedral > 250 Base Xp
    Asinda Ruins > 50 Base Xp
    St. Roseluck Crypt > 350 Base Xp
    Anvalia Mines > 200 Base Xp
    Eclipsed Ruins > 75 Base Xp
    Red Demon Temple > 175 Base Xp
    Devil's Respite > 300 Base Xp
    Abandonned Mineshaft > 150 Base Xp
    Krubera Vault > 350 Base Xp
    Overgrown Tomb > ?
    Warped Ruins > ?
    Paluster Shrine > 700 Base Xp
    Meteor Crater > 400 Base Xp
    Path of Light > ?
    Desert Canyon Sanctuary > 700 Base Xp
    Frostbain Catacombs > 700 Base Xp
    Dark Mansion > 600 Base Xp
    Anemos Sanctum > 700 Base Xp
    Wizard's Tower > 400 Base Xp
    Necromancer Tower > 400 Base Xp
    Mantle > ?
    Exolesco Tunnels > ?
    Sunken Library > ?
    Ghost Fleet > 550 Xp
    Byesford Labs > ?
    Mount Therum > 400 Base Xp
    Saward Crypt > ?
    Anemos Sanctum > 700 Base Xp
    Shrine of the Dusk > 900 Base Xp
    Body Offload > ?
    Flooded Tunnels > 300 Base Xp

    ? Marks are dungeons that aren't open or i haven't run.
    Let me know what you think, mainly just wanted to put the idea out there.

  2. Hollow_Leg Gold

    Darnie's should be 10,000 xp
  3. Ruined_Fort Gold

    It is in the swamp, might make that area of the map decent. :wink:
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  4. Oraceon Obsidian

    A new reason to do dungeons. I like it.
  5. _Silver Gold

    I actually do like the idea of getting some xp as a reward for doing dungeons, especially since so many of the legendaries you get are honestly pretty useless. I mean, when's the last time you've seen someone use the Meteor Rain or Venom Bow in a fight? However, I can also see people just camping certain dungeons over and over for xp. Now that all the dungeons have instances, zombie spawns in the simpler dungeons are very predictable, and if you can do parkour well enough things like Meteor Crater, Flooded Tunnels, and even Necromancer tower can be done really easily. Flooded tunnels, if you're careful enough, can be done with only 1 instant health 2, and it's likely that Meteor Crater can be done with no healing at all. It's an interesting idea, but the proposed numbers are far off of where they should be. And Shrine of the Dusk if worth a lot more than 3x Flooded Tunnels in my opinion.
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  6. GJrocks09 Regular Member

    In my opinion there would have to be a timer so you can't farm the XP too fast :stuck_out_tongue:
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  7. Ruined_Fort Gold

    yeah timers would be needed. But not too long, there is a bit of sklll that goes into some dungeons, players who can do them very well should be rewarded to an extent. i mean you could also increase xp rewards if players do dungeons in a combo, by that i mean, if you do maze, a different dungeon would give a bit more base xp.
  8. MuffinMinister Platinum

    If you're good enough to keep doing that over and over consistently

    Honestly at that point go do it thats amazing, have a timer on the xp reward for doing a dungeon twice in a row, say 2 hours before you can receive XP for it.
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  9. Tozzu Platinum


    It could also be given a longer cooldown, from a few days to a week. Ofc rewarding more xp.
  10. wSaiz86 Regular Member

    this need to be lmao just had a timer or player while farm the xp

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