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Update Dungeon Chests

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Fridge2177, Feb 18, 2018.

Update - Dungeon Chests
  1. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    [IMG]Hey everyone, Fridge here with a big announcement.

    So earlier today an update was put out to change the way chests spawn inside of dungeons and what you get from those chests. The problem we found with the gamemode in its current state was that the supply combat and health chests didn't give the loot the way we wanted. In our mind dungeons are meant to be challenges that you can attempt throughout the MineZ world but what was happening is that people would only do half the dungeon and use the chest inside the dungeon to gear up for other dungeons or PvP. Not only that, but the loot that came from supply chests were almost always irrelevant in helping the player achieve their goal of completing the dungeon (whether it be a cake or button) and that at the end of the dungeon getting milk or bandages also felt very useless. It just didn't feel right and didn't create the atmosphere we wanted in dungeons.

    Our goal is to have dungeons only have rewards at the end - the loot room. We don't believe that you should be able to gear inside of a dungeon (I'm looking at you Sunken Library and Necromancer Tower) - rather the reward should only be attained once you beat the puzzles or boss room. We believe that when you show up to a dungeon, you should be ready. This is why we've removed dungeon in chests completely.

    There will be no more supply, health or combat chests either. We've replaced these with a new type of chest which is similar to the type of loot you would see in old dungeon_ins / dungeon_outs ; we're calling them dungeon_common / dungeon_uncommon / dungeon_rare. Again, you will only find them in the loot room of dungeons. Commons will typically spawn in easier dungeons, uncommons in mid-tiered dungeons and elites will only have rares.

    The spawnrate of these chests is subject to change but keep in mind our goal is to keep them a bit underwhelming - dungeons were never meant to be gear, or to refill your inventories to the state they were when you entered the dungeon, these chests act as a small reward to accompany the legendary. Use the nearby towns to refule and restock on supplies. The content of the chests will be more geared towards military items but will include some potions and other things like sugar, glowstone, gunpowder and gapples for the higer tiers ; the goal being to increase the amount of military gear you get, decrease the potions and eliminate all together the food/cakes/buttons.

    I understand that this might take some getting used to, but try it for a bit with an open mind.

    All for now,

    The MineZ Team :)

  2. Marine_PvP Jr. Developer

    Just to add, we will be reviewing your suggestions and working on re-balancing dungeons if needed. Go try a dungeon and let us know how you feel about the new loot :)
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  3. Brotadochip Platinum

    Yay now I really don't have to waste time doing dungeons I can just go to other places on the map, thanks guys!
  4. kbsfe Gold

    RIP my 7 cakes from Flooded Tunnels :(
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  5. Goliac Silver

    I personally like this update. It's simplier than the current system and i think that's what we needed. Only thing i would argue is removing food spawn, but eh i can live like that.
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  6. Talef Gold

    Cakes still spawn
  7. Goliac Silver

    I didn't check it myself but the post says they got removed.
  8. jmiester07 Regular Member


    Didn't cakes only get removed from dungeon chests as did all food, you can still find them in food chests though.
  9. Goliac Silver

    Only dungeon chests. (That's what the post says at least).
  10. Itz_Jake_ Silver

    Don’t worry, we’ll always have those cakes in spirit.
  11. Talef Gold

    yeah sorry i was testing a two dungeons before the changes rolled out, no cakes (except for dungeons they forgot to change :stuck_out_tongue: )
  12. ACrispyTortilla Retired Staff

    If legendaries are the main point of the dungeon, and loot is not, why are legendaries bad? Why would we have bad loot and bad legendaries? shouldn't we atleast have one or the other??? A lot of legendaries are useless in their current state, and the fact that bad loot accompanies them does not help very much. I think before going and making loot changes to dungeons we should go and balance the legendaries first, Harder dungeons = better legends ok loot, easier dungeons = ok legendaries weak loot, Saying legendaries are the main point of doing dungeons right now is just wrong, as the only thing most dungeons are worth doing is the loot at the end. Not to mention making dungeons have bad legendaries/loot makes it so it has less replayability. Hopefully this can change.
  13. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

  14. Talef Gold

    necromancer tower could use a buff
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  15. jmiester07 Regular Member


    I'm sure Nambo_ would approve of this comment
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