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XP Double Charged? Didn't receive an XP Purchase? Post Here!

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Majicou, Jul 29, 2013.

XP - Double Charged? Didn't receive an XP Purchase? Post Here! | Page 3
  1. hwozyen Platinum

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]When I bought Ninja in my profession of Annihilation, 40000 xp was all gone[/COLOR]

  2. hwozyen Platinum

  3. _Swipe Platinum

    Farmer class, double charged

    IGN: NotSwipe
  4. xTjugx Regular Member

    Purchase ==Clan Charter==を購入したのに反映されていません
  5. KissYou Regular Member

    About a week ago, I bought classes which are Scout and Enchanter, but I can not use them even I tried ./refresh in server. My minecraft id is MariaKondo right now. When I bought that classes, my id was Kissyou. I already checked your website and detail of my account and I see my account actually lost 40000 shotbow xps for those two kits so may I ask you to check my account please? Thank you for reading.
  6. Linkmaster402 Emerald

    SpawnKit: Weak Grapple
    XP 125,000
    Never got the grapple
  7. sprShin Regular Member

    消滅 - [acrobat ]がXP Shopで20000xpで購入
  8. Splat_NoRem Regular Member

    職業名Acrobat Assassin Robin Hood
  9. Lil_Jeffy Regular Member

    Spawnkit: Bow
    Got double charged.
  10. Glowwwy Silver

    Yo I think navarr said to post something here and idrk who's gonna read this but I bought speed pot on minez but I recently switched my name and had my friend hold my old name so no one else could take it, but when I bought speed pot it sent it to the old name instead of my new account so can someone help with that, thanks

    Purchase:Minez Speed Potion
    Cost:200k xp
    Old name:Glowwwy
    New Name:Iruzu

    ^^^If that helps

    Also you might notice my forum account name is also still Glowwwy so whats up with that too how can I fix that
  11. Justinl34 Regular Member

    Hi so recently rebought the game with my same user name as before and when I played shotbow my new mc account was already linked to this shotbow account. When I gain xp it goes here and I get in game notifications that match the site. But even though my new mc account seems to be linked to my shotbow account I can not access any of my past or present purchases on shot bow. In annihilation I own multiple classes according to the xp shop but in game I am not able to use any of them and have started over as novice 1 again. I thought that this was maybe due to my new account so I tried to buy the class robin hood but I can't use that either. I do not know what to do because it seems like my new mc account is linked to my old Shotbow account (this one) and is receiving all the xp but I am not able to use it. Please help, I really enjoy this server and its game modes and have been playing it for over 8 years. I don't even mind having to restart if necessary, I would just like to be able to use other classes in Annihilation.

    Thank you for your time,
  12. Verzied Regular Member

    Purchased Immobilizer months ago, says owned for life on the website. However in game it still says locked.
    MCID: PLAYB0II (zero not an o)
  13. skullgirls Regular Member

    aye, it's been 5 years since i've played on this server. quite a few lifetime purchases i made ended up being for games that were discontinued, I spent about 80k xp on lifetime packages in Ghostcraft. so is there a way I could get the XP for those transactions refunded, or is there any other implemented way to make up for that currently?

    I have all the proof for these transactions in my My Rewards tab. my lifetime purchases for ghostcraft include:

    -Ghost Ability: Breath of Fire (10,000 xp)
    -Ghost Ability: Freeze (10,000 xp)
    -Ghost Effect: Flame (5,000 xp)
    -Ghost Effect: Water (5,000 xp)
    -Kit: Sniper (25,000 xp)
    -Kit: Shotbow (25,000 xp)

    ingame name is erratic_pulse, can't figure out how to sync it to my shotbow username.
  14. zapami Regular Member

    Yet this doesn't show up when I join the server..
    MCID: MrCoffeee
  15. kanak159357 Regular Member

    Annihilation - [Acrobat] purchased in XP Shop for 20000xp
    Annihilation - [Enchanter] purchased in XP Shop for 20000xp
    Annihilation - [Transporter] purchased in XP Shop for 20000xp
  16. moogod Silver

  17. TransDino Regular Member

    I'm missing all of my xp purchases and my most recent purchase today of sniper for annihilation. https://imgur.com/a/eQlwM4m and https://imgur.com/a/leBmkj9 show more information.

    I had just gotten this account back after being hacked awhile back and I made a new account and now I have access to all my xp again and previous purchases. It's linked to my new account apparently because I used it to on the server to redo my email and I got this all back.
  18. Avedor Platinum

    I purchased MineZ Spawn kit: 3 apples but i do not spawn with apples, please help
  19. Avedor Platinum

    i also purchased spawn kit: water bottle but i only spawn with one water bottle. please help
  20. Lil_Jeffy Regular Member

    It's been 2 months

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