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Premium Does Not Show I Have Platinum on Shotbow

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by TLN143, Sep 21, 2023.

Premium - Does Not Show I Have Platinum on Shotbow
  1. TLN143 Platinum

    I have been platinum on this account for a very long time. This issue started years ago and I created a thread specifically three years ago and it was never resolved.

    I have platinum on this account, TLN143, and it does not show up anywhere on Shotbow. I am still allowed to join MineZ PVE and do other things premiums can do, but I do not have platinum for some reason even though it even shows up on this website.

    And yes, I am logging into the correct account each time.


  2. ment0l66 Emerald

    Did you accidentally hide your rank using the 'premium display' option in your shotbow swag box?
  3. TLN143 Platinum

    Nope. I don't have the option to do that. I don't even get the platinum particles that the rank gets or even the colored chestplate on MineZ.

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