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No Prefix DISABLE Gate Stones on Spookfest Server

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Eliptix, Oct 6, 2019.

No Prefix - DISABLE Gate Stones on Spookfest Server | Page 2
  1. 1999rocks Platinum

    Correct. And yup, it figures, that's how it is.

  2. Sevadra Gold

    It's less of a bug and more of a consequence of the decision to remove npc's from pve, but still given how it panned out, an intentional patch, so back to that whole "legitimacy" thing...
  3. Monster_Bug Platinum

    you guys be smallest brain if you think we duped gatestones lmao!
  4. Smartz_ Platinum

    I mean it's low risk high reward. They'll be useless on November 1st. They're also not worth a lot since you can grind them out so easily. Just buy one for 3 gp. It's seriously not difficult when you think about ways around the problem.
  5. Monster_Bug Platinum

    depends if you got a dusk fragment or not
  6. connor564 Platinum

    Yeah you literally need only one dusk fragment for potentially infinite dawn fragments + gate stones, and PoL is easy enough
  7. Tozzu Platinum

    Doesnt help that you cant even die on PvE
    connor564 and 1999rocks like this.
  8. Monster_Bug Platinum

    pol is pretty easy in general even without pve ye if you dont know how to parkour you can sugar to always make it
  9. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    Stop complaining. Spookfest chests contains only vanity, if you think that matters you are a vain dumbass who probably thinks a blue name or a yellow name makes a world of difference.
  10. connor564 Platinum

    They have legendaries too though??? That have actual use?
  11. Meme_MC Platinum

    deal with the path of light farm asap and either lower the amount of times the gate stone can be used OR limit the number of people that can be teleported with it. obviously this wont fix the previously farmed ones from being abused but it would at lessen the impact theyre able to make during events like this. if players arent going to be punished for abusing a bug then at the very least the staff team has to be ready to quickly fix them before theyre made into a bigger problem
    Tozzu, OneZedArmy and 1999rocks like this.
  12. Meifot Silver

    Can anyone here prove pve is being abused here first of all?

    Secondly, do dungeons and get the gate stones yourself.

    Thirdly, if you do not care about getting a gate stone yourself (a perfectly legitimate item that requires some effort to get), don't complain. There are advantages that can be acquired just beyond the scope of normal pvp.
    ohxd likes this.

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