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Dentril's New Moon - September 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MrJack, Aug 31, 2021.

Dentril's New Moon - September 2021
  1. MrJack Community Manager, Film Crew Co-Lead

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    Fall is upon us in this September edition of Dentril's New Moon! I'm your intrepid host, MrJack, and I'll help guide you through some of this month's most recent changes to our Network and Gamemodes!

    Early in the month Shotbow packed up, got the U-Haul together, and moved! After being faced with some stability issues, Shotbow has some new infrastructure in the form of a new host, with improved stability for our players as a result. While the Network was down for the move, we hosted a brief Shotbow SMP, and were joined by some fun faces in the community to kill time until the Network was back to it's better self! As part of the move however, we left two things in the Garage, and said farewell for now to both Miner Problems and Warbands. We appreciate all the love and attention these games have been given up until now, but are looking forward to spending our time and efforts on some new things elsewhere on Shotbow. Speaking of which, let's get into what's changed already!

    Gamemode Updates

    Slaughter Updates
    Another major update has landed for Slaughter, featuring complete rebuilds and updates of some familiar maps, brand new weapons, consumables, equipment, and so much more! Additionally, we come face to face with a new "Passive" item type, which is sure to add new layers to your gameplay styles!

    Some of the shop has been cleaned up, with armor now sold in sets, and a large change to pricing for most items too! This, in conjunction with shorter cooldowns, bug fixes, and proper scaling for XP according to difficulty, Slaughter should feel much more rewarding for our players! We're looking forward to continuing work on the gamemode, so keep an eye out for future patches, more rebuilds and map updates, and so much more!

    GG Updates
    GG continues to impress with one of the most sizeable updates the gamemode has seen in quite some time! A brand new series of kit options and a mode for duels has really spiced things up on GG! Killstreaks, new items and features like the Toybox, Arena battling, and more have all helped create more dynamic gameplay for our skilled pvp community.

    Experimenting with new kit options should keep you busy each time you respawn (or while racking up 50 kill streaks), and a series of bugfixes and adjustments to potions, damage frames, and item interactions should help the whole experience feel smooth. We appreciate all the feedback on the new content we've received already, so keep an eye out for continued work on balancing and bugfixing with the gamemode!

    When in Rogue Updates
    When in Rogue has seen activity with the mantle of Lead being taken up by our very own McJeffr! Joined by Jamal135, the When in Rogue team has started to spin things up to get some groundwork underway after an insightful status update. The gamemode has a bright future ahead with plans for dungeon reworks, improved dungeon generation, new rooms, an updated base version, and so much more! Bugs are to be dealt with, some well known ones (thanks to our players!) are sure to be addressed moving forwards, as we look to the future of a very exciting gamemode! Stay tuned for continued updates!

    MineZ Updates
    MineZ has seen some fresh faces joining it's team as of late, and to coincide with some new faces, the world of MineZ saw a fair few new locations added to the map as part of our most recent update! Continued work on updating loot tables, and adding these new locations and rebuilds to the map, alongside the continued movement of Ghost Ship, should hopefully begin to reinvigorate gearing to be a bit more interesting! Keep an eye out for more builds and updates in the coming months as we approach some of our favorite holidays seasons!

    Additionally, applications for Mini Admins and Builders are live, alongside the launching of the MineZ Builder Association as a means for the community to continue to help contribute to the game. We're looking forward to growing both the game, staff, and community with this project and more, and we thank all those who have already begun to participate!

    Annihilation Updates
    Joining the party of accepting new mini-admins, Annihilation JUST announced that their applications are now live for the first time in quite a long while! The enthusiasm needed for Annihilation is not hard to find amongst the community, and we're excited to see some new faces join the team in the future!

    That same enthusiasm has also resulted in more clan wars, 26 to be exact! You can find streamed matches 49, 50, and 51 here, here, and here! We're looking forward to more rousing matches throughout the month. Catch you soon!

    Network in General
    Staff Updates:
    • Pyachi2002 was promoted to Full Developer
    • Iam34638a joined the team as a Jr. Developer
    • _Silver joined the team as a Jr. Developer
    • Rinjani has joined the MineZ team as a Mini-Admin
    Welcome and congrats to all of our friends and new faces!

    Other statistics:
    • There were 828 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 290 on August 29th
    • 1,622 in-game reports were handled in the last month
    • 93 ban appeals were resolved in the last month
    Closing Words
    As summer comes to a close, we hope you've enjoyed your time spent on Shotbow these last few months! With a more stable host, continuing updates, and both new and old staff joining the team in new regards, we hope our plans and work continue to provide a wonderful experience for you all. Keep an eye out for more updates throughout the month, and we'll see you for next month's edition of Dentril's New Moon. I'm MrJack, this is Shotbow, and Smartz is a roleplayer. Til next time, thanks for flying Shotbow!
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    "when in rogue has seen activity" LOL
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