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Dentril's New Moon - September 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Sep 1, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - September 2017
  1. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead


    Summer Festival
    The Summer Festival was a huge success, with the bonus XP multiplier, sale, custom pet, custom Annihilation lobby and map, and more! Fun fact: over the entire week, a total of 17,904,086 Shotbow XP was earned!

    SMASH Updates
    The SMASH team has introduced a new system which allows Media Partners and Creators to host their own events on an exclusive map which they can customise to their own liking. This feature can be accessed using the small YouTube block which is located near the big fountain in the SMASH lobby. Stay tuned for broadcasts that signal when these fun events are starting!

    Annihilation Updates
    The upcoming Annihilation update has been going really well and you can expect it soon. If you want to stay updated with what's going on, be sure to check the Twitter for updates!

    Civ-War Updates
    The current phase is getting to an end and there will be a new phase within the next month. The rought timeframe is around 2 weeks until someone wins, and then 1 week of downtime (where the server will still be up). After this, Civ-War will release its second beta (with a lot of new features), open to the public. Until then, all premiums can still join the server!

    MineZ Updates
    This month, once again, the MineZ team has been hard at work to bring some new updates that are coming soon, as well as work to fix the lag. Lots more is on its way, so stay tuned!

    Qubion Updates
    Qubion has recently announced that they have completely terminated all operations. Read about it here.

    SMASH Rankings
    The summer season ends on October 1st, so be sure to climb up the leaderboards for ranked matches! Current standings are:
    • 1st place: BigGiantKing with 1263 ELO
    • 2nd place: InvernalAngel with 1195 ELO
    • 3rd place: _BrightDarkness_ with 1173 ELO
    Network in General
    Staff promotions:
    • Catsage was promoted to full admin
    • DJ_Pedro, JTGangsterLP6, Lomrun_, and Mistri joined the MineZ Mini Admin team
    Other statistics:
    • There were 1,502 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 880 on August 19.
    Player Peak
    This month, we're bringing back Player Peak, but in a slightly different way. As you can see above, our highest playercount was 880 people, which is amazing. However, if we can hit over 1,000 players online at one time during the next month, we will do a Platinum rank giveaway on the Twitter!

    What can I do?
    Play on Shotbow, invite your friends, and invite their friends! Make friends and invite them to Shotbow! Spread the word about our amazing games, and in return we'll work as hard as we can to make your experience the best it can possibly be. :)

    I'm your host, Mistri. See you next time - and thank you for flying Shotbow!

    Dentril's New Moon image provided courtesy of Mistri

  2. Wayvernia Councilor

    Good writing! I liked reading this.

    As for the minez updates...Hmm... Soon™ :wink:
    kirbybubbles, ArsMagia and Mistri like this.
  3. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Great to hear that shotbow is slowly climbing up
  4. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Yo nice that the annihilation update is going well man!
    Just can't wait for this update!
    Galap, skiller and jeroen better made it good :wink: (tell me if I forgot someone)

    Edit: just read the whole thing, wow Mistri u went off this new moon
    This dentril new moon is a banger :eek:
    Galap and Mistri like this.
  5. Typuzer Platinum


    no info on revelations and the world event? origins part 2 was supposed to come out soon after origins part 1... cant we at least get a teaser or something pls its hard to stay hyped for 6 months when we got nothin
  6. Meme_MC Platinum

    sorry sir that DLC is only for obsidians
  7. connor564 Platinum

    Rip those with a plat rank already ;P
  8. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    I mean we get new crystals every other day, found one near mantle today
  9. Goliac Silver

    That thing is like my home.I used to attemp saward crypt three times a day and i saw it like a ton of times.
  10. _Swipe Platinum

    Civ-war YUH
  11. Smartz_ Platinum

    This update gave literally no news. It was all "coming soon" stuff. I could have not read this and still have had the same knowledge of what's going on server wise, unless you're into civ-war but tbh the game is practically over because the top 3 civs are teamed...
    Typuzer likes this.
  12. _Swipe Platinum


  13. Smartz_ Platinum

    That was dead for a long ass time, holy crap dude...
    Ericclck and _Swipe like this.
  14. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    It's a summary of the month.
    Well that's what I think.
    So everything that happened this month and how we are starting this month.
    They can't probably leak too much.
  15. Smartz_ Platinum

    But they never leak anything, so no one is hyped for a majority of these updates...
    Typuzer likes this.
  16. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    I guess they already told us what kind of update the anni update is right? :lmao:
    A lot of kits balancing changes, some gameplay changes with the phases and stuff.
    Idk about MineZ :/
    Typuzer likes this.
  17. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    Check out Dentril's New Moon for August (hint: the riddle) :wink:
  18. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Heh already knew about that :wink:
    Typuzer likes this.

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