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Dentril's New Moon - October 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Oct 1, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - October 2017
  1. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead


    New Partnership
    This month, we announced our new partnership with the DusDavidGames server to bring the best of both worlds to our collective playerbase! Read more about it here.

    MineZ Updates
    The MineZ team has been hard at work to provide you guys with many updates, and also announced the 2017 MineZ Spook-Fest!

    Mine Theft Auto Updates
    The Mine Theft auto team was also hard at work this month to bring you the Industrial Map Update, including a whole new area of the map and many new features! Read all about it on its announcement.

    Annihilation Updates
    Work on the Annihilation update is wrapping up, get ready...

    SMASH Summer 2017 Winners
    We've just wrapped up Summer 2017 here in SMASH, and we're proud to announce - not just our winners, but their rewards!
    • BigGiantKing took 1st place with an ELO of 1263, winning 10,000 XP
    • InvernalAngel took 2nd place with an ELO of 1198, winning 7,500 XP
    • _BrightDarkness_ took 3rd place with an ELO of 1173, winning 5,000 XP
    Congratulations you three! We look forward to seeing how you handle Fall 2017!

    Mine Theft Auto
    MTA US Leaderboards for September 2017
    • 1st - der_comrade KDR: 301:0 (301.0)
    • 2nd - sky1027 KDR: 311:2 (155.5)
    • 3rd - DerMelone_ KDR: 141:2 (70.5)
    • 1st - Sulphoric Arrests: 674.0
    • 2nd - Snowy30 Arrests: 273.0
    • 3rd - oxXArrowXxo Arrests: 200.0
    Experience Gained:
    • 1st - snow_M2 Experience gained: 45495.0
    • 2nd - nubefan Experience gained: 38942.0
    • 3rd - Ultimativemaster Experience gained: 38902.0
    Minigames Won:
    • 1st - der_comrade Minigames won: 104.0
    • 2nd - Ultimativemaster Minigames won: 101.0
    • 3rd - Viral333 Minigames won: 99.0
    Network in General
    I'd like to personally promise you all that many awesome announcements are coming this month. In particular, mark your calendars for something on October 8th! :wink:

    Staff promotions:
    • ingebillliam joined the Annihilation Mini Admin team
    • LegitNube joined the MTA Mini Admin team
    • Mistri was promoted to Graphic Artist Lead
    Other statistics:
    • A total of 77,339,200 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 876 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 871 on September 17
    Player Peak
    This month, we are still up really high and close to 1,000 players online at one time. As you can see above, our highest playercount this month was 871 people, which is amazing. However, if we can hit over 1,000 players online at one time during the next month, we will do a Platinum rank giveaway on the Twitter!

    What can I do?
    Play on Shotbow, invite your friends, and invite their friends! Make friends and invite them to Shotbow! Spread the word about our amazing games, and in return we'll work as hard as we can to make your experience the best it can possibly be. :)

    I'm your host, Mistri. See you next time - and thank you for flying Shotbow!

    Dentril's New Moon image provided courtesy of Mistri

  2. MCDuckler Platinum

    Sad that people farm their alt accounts to #1 in leaderboards... Anyways nice post
  3. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    This month, we had a small drop of players around 200 - 500 players. It'd be funny if you guys banned players just to make the number high. Can you tell how many hackers were banned instead?
  4. MCDuckler Platinum

    Well I could tell you a few MTA hackers that were hacking and not got banned...
  5. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    New anni mini admin? Kay
    Already knew it but dont know why they dont announce them so I know its official
  6. 00110101 Regular Member

    I thought that at one point, shotbow dropped below than 150-175
  7. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    I appreciate you're page detailing to the loot changes, the layout was straight forward and simple. Side note, how dare you touch Fort McHarlington (lol jk)
  8. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    Why would the staff ban random players to make it look like they're banning more hackers? Don't you need players to be on the server in order for it to be successful? Am I missing something here?
    Hingey likes this.
  9. Hingey Platinum

    I dont think this server can handle 1000 players.
  10. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    2 or 3 years ago it had a constant 2500-3000 players playing at once, so it should. However the lag recently might cause some hindrance.
    Hingey likes this.
  11. Hingey Platinum

    Well I can say that after about 600 players on now a days the games starts to hiccup and randomly kick people. The Japanese festival event was unplayable with only 800 players on. You would think by now there would be a hardware upgrade.
    ChickenMac7 likes this.
  12. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    True, they need to fix the lag issue fast.
    Hingey likes this.
  13. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    I remember that when there was never a shortage of players. I feel we need to advertise some how to gather a larger amount of players. And bring back older games that were proven to be successful (ghostcraft).
    cave987, ChickenMac7 and Hingey like this.
  14. connor564 Platinum


    Ghostcraft release date confirmed
  15. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    I hope you're right, I would love to play Ghostcraft again.
  16. Hingey Platinum

    That would be the anni update i Believe. The ghostcraft release date will be 1-2 years after they say "coming within the year".
    ChickenMac7 likes this.
  17. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    Sadly, you're probably right. But hey, I'm okay with an annihilation update!
    Hingey likes this.
  18. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Incorrect :wink:
  19. MCDuckler Platinum

  20. Lord_Aaron Platinum

    All my xp always went towards Ghostcraft, for all the classes and so forth.

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