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Dentril's New Moon - November 2022

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Axyy, Nov 2, 2022.

Dentril's New Moon - November 2022
  1. Axyy Community Manager, Events Team Co-Lead

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    Hey there Shotbow! I hope all of you enjoyed The Shotbow Spookfest! Over the last month quite some things happened. We released the annual Shotbow Spookfest bringing you many special and exciting features such as XP-Codes, giveaways and a network-wide XP-Multiplier. Fasten your seatbelts because I'm here to take you through all of it.

    Halloween Skin Contest Results
    Last month a Skin Contest was held and the results are finally in!
    • 1st place - 180db_ (Gold Rank)
    • 2nd place - PandoraCall (50k Shotbow XP)
    • 3rd place - WUSOWUSOWUSOWUSO (3 Shout-Tokens)
    (Winners please check your forum PMs to claim your prize)
    Note: All participants were put up to vote, I did not pick the winners myself.

    Network Updates
    Team Applications
    Ever wanted to join the Shotbow Staff Team? The following teams are accepting applications:
    Gamemode Updates
    MineZ Updates
    This month, MineZ has seen quite a few updates, the release of the MineZ Spookfest (5.1.0), patch 5.1.1, patch 5.1.2 patch 5.1.3, patch 5.1.4 and lastly patch 5.1.5.

    The MineZ Spookfest came with a lot of exciting features, read all about it here.

    Annihilation Updates
    Annihilation brought some spooky updates during the October month. The lobby was converted into a spooky one, and a total of 4 Halloween themed maps were added to the map rotation, Spookstal, Spooks, Scaryon and Spookdrasil.

    An Annihilation Lootdrop event was hosted on Modernstal. Once again one of our Media Creators lPirlo recorded the event and published on his YouTube channel!

    Additionally, the Annihilation team hosted 9 clan wars this month. More coming soon!

    SMASH Updates
    The SMASH team worked hard on updating the base version to 1.16 and this came with a lot of exciting features such as new maps & items. Additionally, SMASH also participated in The Shotbow Spookfest bringing out a new map, 5 items and a new mob.

    Read the full changelog here.

    Warband Updates
    During Halloween Warband had some exciting updates and events!
    • Warband held several playtests during Spookfest.
    • Three new game events were tested for Warband.
    • A Lobby and a XP code were added.
    SMASH Rankings
    The autumn season has started, here are the current standings:
    • 1st - _BrightDarkness_ [1128]
    • 2nd - sunbreathing [1098]
    • 3rd - Cometcat13 [1095]
    Network in General
    Staff updates:
    • SnowVi1liers was promoted to Full Admin
    • ro_cks has been promoted to Full Builder
    • Axyy joined the Film Crew
    Other statistics:
    • 1,627 in-game reports were handled in the last month
    • There were 689 players banned in the last month
    • 65 ban appeals were handled in the last month
    • There were 51 support tickets resolved in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 180 on October 23rd
    • 46,672,697 XP was earned by players this month
    Closing Words
    Over the last couple of weeks we've really been pushing our socials (Twitter, YouTube, TikTok & Instagram) with amazing giveaways and enjoyable video content. Make sure to follow us there so you don't miss out on any of them!

    I’m Axyy, and this was Dentril’s New Moon for this month. Winter is coming very soon, are you excited? I definitely am! :wink:
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    Congrats 180db!
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