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Dentril's New Moon November 2019

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Nov 1, 2019.

Dentril's New Moon November 2019
  1. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead


    Happy November, Shotbow! I'm Mistri, your host for this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon!

    Network Updates
    We transferred hosts to Path! You can read more about it here.

    MineZ Updates
    This month, we brought back MineZ Spookfest with a twist! You can read about it here — let us know what you thought about it!

    SMASH Rankings
    The winter season is in session, so rack up that ELO quickly before it's over! The current standings are:
    • 1st - Acstes (1133)
    • 2nd - jiren74 (1114)
    • 3rd - Cometcat13 (1102)
    Mine Theft Auto
    MTA Leaderboards for October 2019
    • 1st - mikasateitoku KDR: 70:1 (70.0)
    • 2nd - hetase KDR: 56:1 (56.0)
    • 3rd - burakuma KDR: 37:2 (18.5)
    • 1st - hetase Arrests: 23.0
    • 2nd - MESLEG Arrests: 8.0
    • 3rd - Azura_04 Arrests: 5.0
    Experience Gained:
    • 1st - MESLEG Experience gained: 31050.0
    • 2nd - Viral333 Experience gained: 15157.0
    • 3rd - hetase Experience gained: 8118.0
    Minigames Won:
    • 1st - Viral333 Minigames won: 21.0
    • 2nd - ImMeikyyy Minigames won: 17.0
    • 3rd - MESLEG Minigames won: 15.0
    Network in General
    • A total of 35,304,773 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 855 players banned in the last month
    • This month, we reached a peak playercount of 316 on October 6
    Thanks for reading this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon. I'm your host, Mistri. Thanks for flying Shotbow!
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  2. MuffinMinister Platinum

    No news on MineZ origins part 2 :(

    Summer 2020?
    ShayminPlays and connor564 like this.
  3. 1999rocks Platinum

    I thought, without alts, it was catered to teams who you'd have to beat to the location or else face fighting all of them to even get into the town, which was usually not possible for anyone without a similarly giant group, which not everyone want to be a part of. Since gate stones were allowed, and with the glitch allowing an infinite number of them to be farmed without dying, it was hardly the best option for how to structure this event.
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  4. jiren74 SMASH Mini Admin


    oh cool, im in the thread aswell!
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  5. Meifot Silver


    Or you know, get your own gate stones.
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  6. 1999rocks Platinum

    thanks for constructive response, as always, you produce quality.
  7. connor564 Platinum

    Meifot I don't think you realize that someone only needs a dusk fragment and 15 dollars to get a virtually endless supply of gate stones
    Meme_MC and ShayminPlays like this.
  8. Meifot Silver

    Im quite aware, which is why I suggest people quit complaining and get their own.

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