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Dentril's New Moon - March 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Mar 1, 2021.

Dentril's New Moon - March 2021
  1. Mistri Network Lead

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    Hello Shotbow! My name is Mistri, and I'll be your host for this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon, Shotbow's monthly newsletter. Let's jump right into it!

    Network Updates
    This month, we announced a partnership with Lunar Client - Shotbow's first partnership in over 3 years. The parternship includes:
    You can view the official announcement here.

    This month, we launched the Official Shotbow Screenshot Contest.

    TL;DR: post awesome screenshots on Twitter, tag #ShotbowScreenshotContest and @ShotbowNetwork. The best screenshot for each game will get 5000 Shotbow XP, and the top 3 overall will get $75 in ranks + a Lunar Client Shotbow Cloak.

    MineZ Updates
    The MineZ team has been working hard to release Patch 3.7.19. This patch update includes a new mob, gameplay changes, bugfixes, and tons more! You can view the full changelog here.

    Slaughter Updates
    Following last month's update to Slaughter, Pichu has added 2 patch updates in February, including various map adjustments, bugfixes, performance fixes, and more. You can view the full changelog here.

    Annihilation Updates
    We have posted multiple Community Clan Wars on our YouTube channel. You can check out the matches at the following links: #37, #38, #39.

    SMASH Rankings
    The spring season ends soon, so be sure to climb up the leaderboards for ranked matches! Current standings are:
    • 1st - DestrosGaming with 1096 ELO
    • 2nd - tagain12 with 1082 ELO
    • 3rd - TheProPlays with 1064 ELO
    Network in General
    Staff updates:
    • McJeffr joined the development team as a Jr. Web Developer
    • Samstag1 was promoted to Localization Lead
    • HypeTrains joined the team as a Mini Builder
    Other statistics:
    • A total of 78,067,824 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 2,409 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 389 on February 2
    • 83 ban appeals were resolved in the last month
    • 4,422 in-game reports were handled in the last month
    Closing Words
    Thanks for tuning in this month! As always, I'm your host, Mistri — catch you next month, and thanks for flying Shotbow!
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