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Dentril's New Moon - June 2022

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MrJack, Jun 4, 2022.

Dentril's New Moon - June 2022
  1. MrJack Film Crew Co-Lead

    Hello Shotbow! It's finally the beginning of the summer season, and the whole network is jumping with anticipation of what's to come! The past month has been lively with new content from both Shotbow and our community, and more opportunities to join the two together as well! Check out the return of the Film Crew Applications, as well as some familiar ones like the Annihilation Mini Admin Applications, which are still open for submission! We're looking forward to continuing to involve the community and expand the team during the summer, as we look forward to more updates and content releases!

    Gamemode Updates
    MineZ Updates
    The MineZ team has been hard at work behind the scenes on content to come, but that's not to say nothing came out this month! As always, you should check out the MineZ Changelog for more info about the latest legendary reworks, headhunts, new items, and bugfixes that are now live! Additionally, there have been a whole host of events going on the past month(and not just on MineZ!), from PvP events on live, to wave events on the event server! You can check out one of the wave events, here!

    We've also been actively discussing what more is to come, as well as hosting plenty of polls over in the MineZ Community Board discord, which we recommend joining for great insights on the future of MineZ, and a good opportunity to help provide feedback for all updates!

    Warband Updates
    Lots has been happening for Warband in the past month, with playtests galore on our back-to-back event filled weekends! You can check out one of many of our Warband Alpha Playtests here! We also recommend joining the Shotbow Discord for sneak peeks at what's to come!

    Death by Void Updates
    Death By Void has returned to the overworld, fixing some longstanding bugs along the way. Check it out if you haven't already!

    Network in General
    Discord updates:
    • You can now add notification roles on our Discord to be notified of events and updates, see the #notifications channel on Discord!
    Staff updates:
    • GunOverdose was promoted to Full Staff and Marketing/PR Co-Lead
    • angry_nacho joined the Marketing Team
    • SmallSpoon joined the Marketing Team
    • OrcaHedral joined the Warband Team as a Jr. Specialist
    • sdf007 joined the Localization Team
    Other statistics:
    • There were 561 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 246 on May 1st
    Closing Words
    Get excited for a busy summer! We here at Shotbow are always looking forward to what's next, and always more excited to get to share it with you all. Keep an eye out for some new releases, more videos, events, passion projects (such as the ToggleSneak mod made by our very own Galap), and the upcoming 10th Anniversary for Shotbow!! More to come on that later. But for now, I'm MrJack, and thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. MrJack Film Crew Co-Lead

    wow i love this
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