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Dentril's New Moon June 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Jun 1, 2018.

Dentril's New Moon June 2018 | Page 2
  1. SpaceWarp Emerald

    If you have the time I'd love a reply to this point.
    I think that after thinking this over publication of appeals data is maybe the most important thing on the list, and here's another question how would you recommend the people I've talked to get at least a response on their appeal when they have sent 3 or more in and with 20+ views but still have not gotten a reply?
    Also don't you have a system for filing why people were banned? I can't imagine the way of checking what they were banned for is reading the reason.
    I'd also be happy to set up either a google sheets or excel spreadsheet to start filing these stats today.

  2. SpaceWarp Emerald

    The reluctance to answer or staff just outright ignoring suggestions like this for more transparency is why many players feel like they no longer have a say in their network, I do hope you'll reconsider this, or at least give me and the other players following this a response as to why you can't do this.
  3. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    People you've talked to that are waiting for a reply need to continue waiting - they have been elevated and there is nothing they can do to get a reply quicker.

    We are not going to open up our ban appeals to a non-staffer for creating these stats, and we are not going to allocate time for their creation internally.

    Our ban reasons, and additional notes entered against bans is our filing system for bans.

    I believe most, if not all of this, is a reiteration from what I said before.
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  4. SpaceWarp Emerald

    It doesn't seem right that it takes months for a reply to be given to an appeal.

    Why would you not allocate time internally for the creation of such a system in the name of transparency, and I would want no part in seeing the information just creating a spreadsheet you can take and copy privately.

    If you already have a filing system how difficult is it to sort the bans already into groups?
  5. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    All of the things that you listed sound great and would exist in an ideal version of Shotbow. However, we have many, many more important things on our plate, as Navarr mentioned. Do you seriously think a new ban appeal system is more important than bringing out new games (like Gold Rush), pushing out new updates to our top games like Annihilation and MineZ, and reaching out to new players, even when our current system works? I certainly do not.
  6. MCDuckler Platinum

    Other question, because it seems like the MTA team (at least the ones that can change things or have most rights) is incompetent: MTA needs a bit of development; there are two critical bugs and a few combat issues, not much in general but it just needs to get fixed/changed, almost everyone already stopped playing there are just a few japanese high level players and one high eu player left. Can you maybe try and talk to someone in the shotbow dev team or maybe just look in general that MTA gets the work it needs and deserves? It's really a great gamemode and I used to love it 2 years ago, but it became so much worse regarding combat. The admins (the minis do, but they can't change anything. They share my opinion too) don't even respond neither do know the actual problems of the gamemode/the bugs, even tho they exist and get a used literally for months now

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  7. Inserted305 Regular Member

    Good joke no1 care about mta
    its the 3 most popular game on shotbow but no staff members play it so noone cares
  8. SpaceWarp Emerald

    I certainly think that a new ban appeal system is important to stop the alienation of players you already have.
    Where are all these new players you're talking about? Maybe it's time to change the plan seeing as the numbers of shotbow only drop lower and lower as the server is closer and closer to death.

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