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Dentril's New Moon - June 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 1, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - June 2017 | Page 2
  1. BenjaminGoGurts Silver


    This game mode isn't created yesterday but somewhere in 2012, and it even was on here on Shotbow some years ago for a while with 500-1000 players daily on 2 EU and 3 US servers, so people would play it for sure.
    On our own server after the Shotbow era, it would get depending on the time and date between 5-150 players without any advertisement or something, if you're interested in looking at the old forums, here's a link (http://civcraft.net/forums/)
    How it would work is you spawn in spawn with some basic items (Iron tools, a camp, a compass, fishing poles and some food), you need to run at least 1000 blocks from spawn and set up your camp, it actually spawns a structure ( http://imgur.com/dDnks3j ) and that's your home for at least 3 days (There's a longhouse upgrade for 500 coins where Tokens of Leadership is generating hourly, you need 36) . In those 3 days you need to gather lots of materials to actually found a civ (27 gold blocks, 6 diamond blocks, slime, sugarcane etc).
    After that you can found your Civilization (Or city-state, depending which version you're playing), from there, you can research technology to unlock structures like a granary, cottage, trade outpost, mines, warehouses. Each of the structures has a unique goal, cottages are generating money, bu require a granary to be fed (They eat bread, potato, carrot and raw porkchop), trade outposts can improve a trade goodie which you can put in your town for some buffs (More money from other trade goodies, more trommel yield)
    There's an advanced plot mechanism, group mechanism, it's a lot to explain, so I really suggest checking out the wiki if you want more information about Civ-War (CivCraft)
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  2. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Definitely gonna look into it as it sounds good, can't help thinking this sounds alot like clash of clans or something
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  3. ManHeadRambo Platinum

    Ghost Craft when jk
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  4. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Have it be continuous where you don't have to be online to still have your town* survive
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  5. Robertthegoat Developer

  6. rasmus_tiger0622 Gold

  7. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    They're releasing control?

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