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Dentril's New Moon - June 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 1, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - June 2017
  1. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    New Staff

    With 1.9 out of the way, we spent some time this past month bringing in new staff again to help get the ball rolling. You might even recognize some of these people:

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Joining the full admin team is Fluffoon as the Community Manager, Kingey as the Film Crew Lead, Robertthegoat as a new Jr Developer, noobfan, Unicycle43, sunlost, and gunso_!

    Non-full staff joining us include Valkyrion as a Film Crew editor, Mistri as a member of the Public Relations Team, and Saber527 as a member of the Mine Theft Auto administration team.

    Please do give them all a warm welcome to the team!

    Network Changes

    Region Consolidation

    For the second time in its history, Shotbow is consolidating regions. EU.shotbow.net now points to US.shotbow.net, and games will be figuring out how best to consolidate their stats and inventories across regions. You can read more about the decision in HighlifeTTU's post: EU Server Retirement

    Media Program Changes

    Starting with the spelling, there will be some fairly large changes coming to our partnership program. The biggest thing we're going to do is open up the floodgates to more creators. We'll have more to say on these changes later this month.

    New Updates

    Return of SMASH

    We're so pleased to be able to announce the return of SMASH to the network - now on 1.9! Superbob101, Kingey, and JesseTheDemon have been hard at work to bring you back one of our most loved games.

    Perhaps most exciting of all is the return of the SMASH Ranked system!

    There's a lot more news involved, and you can read all of that over in the SMASH Changelog for 1.9.

    Annihilation Class Update

    Following the awesome re-launch of SMASH to 1.9, our development team followed it up with the Annihilation Class Update!

    The action-packed update includes more tweaks than I can enunciate and brings a whole new class: Robin Hood. You can read all the beautiful details in the Annihilation Class Update changelog.

    Since such a large release was planned, we also took the opportunity to give Annihilation it's own logo. What do you think?



    Shotbow is very pleased to announce that we are in early talks to bring you Civ-War -- the latest refresh of the game originally known as CivilizationCraft. We'll have more to say about Civ-War in the coming months.

    In the meantime, you can check up on their progress at Civ-War.com.

    Death by Void


    Not a lot to say here, but we did refresh the imagery we use for Death by Void. You can see it.. well, right here!

    New Partners

    In the last month we were pleased to announce our partnership with Lancey of the Lanceypooh YouTube channel. Lance was recording a MineZ series where he and a friend try to see how far they can survive without dying while mapping out the world.

    The Coming Moon

    There's a lot expected to happen this month, with the brunt of the work of region consolidation happening early on. Some games are still deciding on how they're going to merge, but you can expect that the staff at the helm have the best interests of their players in their hearts.

    In addition to the great consolidation, the Public Relations team is hoping to launch their revised Media Program before July.

    And in the meantime the MineZ build and development teams will be hard at work on Origins Part II and possibly the return of the Revelations podcast.

    That's all we've got - I'm Navarr, your host, and thank you for flying Shotbow.

    Dentril's New Moon image provided courtesy of Mistri

  2. lJuanGB Mini Builder

    Civ-War hype!
  3. Creeperker Obsidian

    I feel like Shotbow has started to fly again! Shotbow made my life major changes... for the future also I surely think we will do well. Now, let's just give a "thank" for the Shotbow :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    Hmpfff... I don't understand why some (2) of the new Jr Developers/Leads got promoted. They both are really toxic, not calling out any names but oh boy, I do not agree with that. I guess people, (two-faced people) are good at hiding their toxicness.

    Anyway, Civcraft ACTUALLY got boring. Is it going to be survival? If yes, you got my excited! Can we have more info on this? I'm interested in it if it's survival. Will it be? If yes, will it be 1.12+? That's the most fun, and 1.12 should release somewhere this week. :)
  5. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    When the youtuber doesnt even link the server in the descrption :lmao:
    IceInTheseVeins and Smartz_ like this.
  6. MuffinMinister Platinum

    Maybe just towards you tho :)
  7. lJuanGB Mini Builder

    Note that this is not CivCraft, which is a survival server. This is Civ-War, or as it used be named civilizationcraft, a heavily customized minecraft experience based on Sid Meier's Civilization games. In Civ-War you have to gather resources, build your town hall, get more buildings, upgrade your town, form a civilization with other players, participate in wars and conquer other's towns. It is much, MUCH, more than survival.
    Presto_Blue and BenjaminGoGurts like this.
  8. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    Yay! Finally good news since orgins. A famous youtube came, and civ war :D Thanks a lot shotbow!
    Presto_Blue likes this.
  9. Runkelpokk Gold

    hello there
    civ war sounds good it could be a nice knew gamemode to
    also there have
    to be an mta upgrade and maybe some classig gamemodes like bedwars or survivalgames also a survival freebuild or a citybuild gamemode

    your ulti
    BenjaminGoGurts likes this.
  10. Smartz_ Platinum

    The only thing that really got my eye was Civ Craft. I heard that Civ Craft was originally a server that merged with shotbow, did the server come back to shotbow?
  11. Macrolide Silver

    Dang! I love Sid Meier's Civ games! I can't wait to see it in Minecraft form and being able to play with my friends!
  12. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Civ 5 takes like 20 hours to finish a game, how they gonna do it in minecraft?
    CringeLOL likes this.
  13. RyansFace Regular Member

    When's Wasted coming out?
  14. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    at this rate never, it would just add another "cost" to the server
  15. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    We've started previously it's in the garage. We have a developer interested in Wasted and he's doing a large rewrite of the underlying code base.

    That said, you're more likely to get a revived GunGame before Wasted proper. Stay tuned for more information as it develops, but be aware that this sort of high level information operates on timescales of months, not days.

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
    Fluffoon likes this.
  16. BenjaminGoGurts Silver

    Hey, Civ-War Owner/Admin here.
    Civ-War is basically CivCraft but totally rebranded. It's survival, but it's with lots of modifications server wide. More information can be found on the Wikipedia of Civ-War! (https://civ-war.gamepedia.com/Civ-War_Wiki). It's not fully updated, but it will be updated fairly soon.

    I'm glad you're excited about it and hope to see you on the server as well! There's information already about how it works on the Wikipedia! (https://civ-war.gamepedia.com/Civ-War_Wiki)

    It'll take months to complete one "game", also called phase, of Civ-War.
    You have town stats (Beakers = research speed, Hamers = build speed, growth = farm speed), for example the first tech takes 500 beakers, and your town has 100 beakers, then the research will take 5 hours since the town stats are hour wise.
    It's a very long gamemode but many people liked it before, it was on Shotbow some years ago with 500-1000 players daily!

    CivCraft was a server on Shotbow years ago but left. Now we're planning a return on Shotbow under the new name named "Civ-War", it's the same as previously, but a lot of features has changed/added over the years
  17. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Will Civ-War be quicker then, more streamline?
  18. BenjaminGoGurts Silver

    We plan that Civ-War will take between 2-4 months to complete a phase, however dependent on the players playing, it could be done in 1.5 months.
    The timespan of the game can't really be set to x months, since until someone has won you cannot stop the phase and start a new phase.
    Creeperker likes this.
  19. Ariktor Platinum

    Will def check Civ-War out :D
    BenjaminGoGurts likes this.
  20. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Over months? I dont think anyone would play a game that lasts over a month, especially one in minecraft!

    And will a game over months work? what if someone goes inactive during that month, will people be able to come and go?
    All in all i am very confused of how this will played or what you will actually do ! Would you just be playing survival mode with a clan?

    Very confused

    If anything you should make age of empires in minecraft *cough* profile pic * cough *

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