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Dentril's New Moon - July 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 30, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - July 2017 | Page 2
  1. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    I have an idea for a shirt! The maps from smash, why not designing it on a shirt? Like Temple, Shroom Kingdom or something like that.
    (I mean not to take a screenshot and copying it on a shirt.)
    Like in that grafic maybe, if you understand.

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  2. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    Now that is helpful, and an idea I hadn't thought of! Thank you.

    My concern would be that, such a graphic would be a box on a shirt - is that actually something you'd want to wear? Or are you hoping that the entire shirt would have that sort of design on it?

    Although, if we removed the background a lot of SMASH maps float so maybe that's not a big concern
  3. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    I thought of design the entire shirt, not just a box.

    Another idea that just occurred to me: The ranked pillar on the old lobby in that design as the picture above or somewhat different.

    Like that


    But not with the sign beneath and it should be more... epic. Like particle sucking in to it like it wants to get you playing it. ._.

    With another design I mean comic stile or drawn.. idk just not copying in that screenshot, that is all what I want to say. :lmao:
  4. dackknight09 Obsidian


    I wouldn't necessarily make it a minecraft shirt. Use 'shotbow' in a cool font and make the shirts simple but nice. Have one of the designers design a shirt with maybe something on the back ? These shirts are too simple. It only consists of a few lines and Annihiliation.

    Let those designers do what they do best, make them design some cool shirts / fonts and give it a small shotbow logo / text?
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