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Dentril's New Moon - July 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 30, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - July 2017
  1. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    Annihilation T-Shirts!

    Even if you commonly pick different teams, I bet you have a favorite - don't you? Thanks to our deal with Amazon, we can now bring you Annihilation T-Shirts in one of five colors! Pick your favorite team: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green and then WEAR it!

    Control Status Update

    You might remember a series of games collectively referred to as "Wasted," yes? It was another fun game pieced together by Shotbow that brought such exhilarating features to Minecraft like an honest to goodness true weapon system (at an age where everyone was using pretty bad snowballs), various guns, ammunition, bombs, and destructive & regenerating terrain.

    One of our favorite iterations of this was Wasted: Control - a control-point style game with a flag lowering and raising system that was all the rage.

    While Wasted, Control, and GunGame went to the Garage last year for some large bouts of refactoring, the engineers in that garage are happy to report that Control is under construction and will be the first game of the series to have fresh life breathed into it. You can check out the thread Wasted in the Coming Year Part III by Robertthegoat to read up more on the history and future of this splendiferous game.

    1.12 Launched!

    Image© Mojang A.B.

    During this month, Shotbow was also proud to be one of the first major servers to fully roll out support for Minecraft 1.12. Our ability to roll the update out so quickly was entirely thanks to aet2505 and the huge amount of work he did both during the 1.9 update and the fresh work to ensure the protocol was supported across the network.

    Region Consolidation

    US/EU Region Consolidation is still underway. MTA and MineZ are likely the hardest games to consolidate. I do have an update on one game though - SMASH consolidated ELO earlier this month by selecting the higher of US or EU (which is probably the best way to do that). However, the SUMMER 2017 SMASH Season starts now - so there's no use worrying about it anymore!

    SMASH Spring 2017 Winners


    We've just wrapped up Spring 2017 here in SMASH, and we're proud to announce - not just our winners, but their rewards for the first time ever!

    • _BrightDarkness_ took 1st place with an ELO of 1404, winning 10,000 XP
    • Cometcat13 took 2nd place with an ELO of 1302, winning 7,500 XP
    • Jojishi_Tenshi took 3rd place with an ELO of 1169, winning 5,000 XP
    Congratulations you three! I look forward to seeing how you handle Summer 2017!

    SMASH Updates!

    ONE MORE THING, SMASH got 2 new maps: Altars and Snowflake.

    • NEW! Taunt Sound: Enderman
    • NEW! Taunt Sound: Roar
    • NEW! Taunt Sound: Iron Golem
    • NEW! Particle Trail: Dragon Breath
    • NEW! Particle Trail: Bubble
    • NEW! Particle Trail: End Rod
    • NEW! Particle Trail: Spell
    • NEW! Particle Trail: Slime
    Which, honestly is as good a use as any for those new season winnings!

    Slaughter Updates!

    More game updates? Don't mind if I do...

    Slaughter is pleased to present two new maps: Frost, and Extinct - both made by the fantastic builder Friendly123.

    BUT WAIT! ORDER NOW AND YOU'LL ALSO RECEIVE: All Redstone and Command Blocks BUGFIX.

    I'm no hardcore Slaughter player - and that's because the whole lot of them just rushed back in to enjoy their favorite game. You should give it a go, too!

    Annihilation Updates!

    This month also saw some tweaks to Annihilation, with Robin Hood's starting arrow count doubling and a new Arrow Recall ability! (Accurate shots on a target have a 60% chance of returning the arrow! Wowza!)

    Mercenary also got some needed tweaks (though you might consider them nerfs - they were unintentional functionality) - Mark of Death no longer targets those not in Line of Sight, nor those pesky vanished Spies! Drat!

    The Annihilation Team would also like me to remind you that they are working on a Part 2 to the Classes Update, and that they have some big changes coming up.

    You can read more details on these changes and discuss the coming update in the Class Update: Minor Tweaks changelog thread.

    Revised Media Program

    June also saw us make a massive change to our Media Program, once again opening the floodgates for submissions - which has as of yet, not gone poorly! We've added a ton of new partners this month and are trekking through our grandfathered partners and removing those no longer with us.

    You can read about the changes and see if you can apply over in the New Shotbow Media Program announcement thread.

    New Media Producers!

    Wow, did we add a BUNCH of new producers!

    The Coming Moon

    It's quarter past midnight and that's all I've got. Stay tuned to the same bat time, same bat channel for more bat information.

    I'm your host, Navarr, and why doesn't anyone stop me?

    Alternative signoff: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

    See you next time - and thank you for flying Shotbow!

    Dentril's New Moon image provided courtesy of Mistri

  2. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member


    I love the pose with the skins, how did you make that?
  3. Hingey Platinum

    You would think the rewards would be much bigger for smash. I can make 10000 xp in a few days on anni. They deserve more for their time keeping smash alive and growing.
  4. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    We rendered them in Blender! :)
    _BrightDarkness_ likes this.
  5. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    So what's the fifth color then? :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    Obsidian :wink:

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  7. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Which person chose those colours to be yellow and blue?
    Are they colour blind?

    P.S. Good job Navarr
  8. ACringyWeeb Platinum

  9. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    my face rn
  10. dackknight09 Obsidian

    Not trying to be rude, but shotbow should atleast try to make a somewhat decent shirt. I wouldn't wear the current shirts atleast.
  11. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    If you would like to give us more feedback with what you don't like, we might be able to.

    Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  12. 00110101 Regular Member


    I agree, on MTA, I got 20k xp from getting 1st in arrests and getting 1k xp from each anni match
    Hinge15J likes this.
  13. connor564 Platinum

    Obsidian, or PURPLE TEAM?
  14. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    One does get good XP on Smash anyway if one is winning almost every match
  15. Hingey Platinum

    "Shotbow was also proud to be one of the first MAJOR servers to fully roll out support for Minecraft 1.12."

    Talking themselves up it seems.:wink:
  16. This_is_Hugo Emerald


  17. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    I'm thinking he thinks that the shirts are boring and don't really have an interesting logo or something. It just says "Annihilation" with some lines. Cause in my opinion the shirts are boring. Maybe add some textures, or like a mascot. (lol)
  18. fukass Gold

    so this means there's finally time for you guys to give us an update on HCF's progress am I right :wink:
  19. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    I also think the shotbow shirts are a bit to silly looking. Looks like a kids shirt to me so I wouldn't wear it. It should've more design or a cooler design. I don't really know how to give suggestions to this, but still. ._.
    Wtfisthisname likes this.
  20. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    That's the opposite of helpful :\

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