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Dentril's New Moon - August 2020

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Aug 1, 2020.

Dentril's New Moon - August 2020
  1. Mistri Network Lead

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    Hello everyone! My name is Mistri, and I'll be your host for this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon. Please enjoy!

    MineZ Updates
    Earlier this month, the MineZ team posted a new update thread, MineZ: Future Sight. This thread featured an incredible amount of exciting updates: new content announcements, a screenshot contest, and tons more!

    In addition, small content updates have been posted throughout the month in our Network Announcements channel on Discord. If you're not already in our Discord, you're missing out! Join by clicking here.

    SMASH Updates
    A map building contest was posted, with XP and rank rewards! Check out the rules and submissions here.

    Annihilation Updates
    Multiple playtests for the Annihilation 1.12.2 update were conducted over the last month. Work for this update is nearing completion. With the advent of this update, Shotbow will also open up the entire network for connections supporting versions above 1.12.2. If you want to help expedite this process, keep your eyes out on our Twitter and in-game for announcements of 1.12.2 playtests, so we can catch bugs!

    SMASH Rankings
    The summer season ends soon, so be sure to climb up the leaderboards for ranked matches! Current standings are:
    • 1st - Acstes with 1105 ELO
    • 2nd - Sonicboom_ with 1085 ELO
    • 3rd - Daggez with 1061 ELO
    Network in General
    Staff updates:
    • Marine_PvP and MissHilevi joined the Junior Developer team
    • CoastinJosh, M4bi, and Outra joined the Annihilation Mini Admin team
    Other statistics:
    • A total of 106,650,500 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 3,020 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 432 on July 19
    • 114 ban appeals were resolved in the last month
    • 8,944 in-game reports were resolved in the last month
    • 7 Rank Upgrade Requests were handled in the last month
    Player Peak
    This month, if we can hit over 750 players online at one time, we will do a giveaway on our Twitter! We'll be giving 10 lucky winners a 1-month subscriber package.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter! As always, comments are appreciated. I'm your host, Mistri — thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. Jarool Emerald

  3. zymii Administrator

    1st time since years that Im not on the leaderboard
  4. Runkelpokk Gold

    MTA updates ?
  5. Mistri Network Lead

    Many are being posted in #mine-theft-auto on Discord :)
  6. zJelles Gold

    I expected new things about MineZ is stuff coming soon? Monthly update right..
  7. Runkelpokk Gold

    i would not call a map screenshot in weeks "many"

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