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Dentril's New Moon August 2019

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Aug 2, 2019.

Dentril's New Moon August 2019
  1. Mistri Network Lead


    Hello Shotbow! Welcome to the August edition of Dentril's New Moon. I'm your host, Mistri!

    MineZ Updates
    This month was huge for MineZ! First up, check out the new update that we released earlier today on the state of MineZ: Origins here!


    I don't know about you all, but when I read that thread for the first time, I was really hyped. Let me know if you're excited for Origins as a comment below!

    Earlier this month, we released a statement about the future of MineZ, namely letting the players know that MineZ will be updated to 1.12.2 in the near future. Check it out here!

    SMASH Rankings
    The summer season is in session, so rack up that ELO quickly before it's over! The current standings are:
    • 1st - _BrightDarkness_ (1206)
    • 2nd - Acstes (1149)
    • 3rd - Cometcat13 (1097)
    Mine Theft Auto
    MTA Leaderboards for July 2019
    • 1st - YuKingRequiem KDR: 75:1 (75.0)
    • 2nd - ChaosChan KDR: 49:1 (49.0)
    • 3rd - willow90 KDR: 48:1 (48.0)
    • 1st - MESLEG Arrests: 17.0
    • 2nd - Azura_04 Arrests: 14.0
    • 3rd - ChaosChan Arrests: 13.0
    Experience Gained:
    • 1st - MESLEG Experience gained: 37363.0
    • 2nd - TnTirk Experience gained: 32763.0
    • 3rd - Viral333 Experience gained: 27092.0
    Minigames Won:
    • 1st - Viral333 Minigames won: 88.0
    • 2nd - MESLEG Minigames won: 57.0
    • 3rd - TnTirk Minigames won: 30.0
    Network in General
    Staff updates:
    • jiren74 joined the SMASH Mini Admin Team
    • Furry and HellionX2 joined the MineZ Mini Admin Team
    • A total of 48,596,872 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 736 players banned in the last month
    • This month, we reached a peak playercount of 366 on July 12
    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the month, and see you next time!

  2. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    The Smash leaderboard says it's summer season. ^_^"
  3. Mistri Network Lead

    Thank you, fixed!
    _BrightDarkness_ likes this.
  4. Azrialis Silver

    Myself and a couple of my friends have been wondering where Shotbow stands in their efforts to raise the player count back to it's former glory... With the obvious resurgence in popularity of Minecraft on YouTube and Twitch again (with the biggest YouTubers making series out of it) will you be attempting to partner up with YouTubers or be attempting to get these bigger YouTubers to play on the server again? It's just sad seeing the state the server is in now when I think back to the days when there were thousands of people playing. I don't think I'm speaking just for myself when I say it would be nice to know if the Shotbow network will be increasing efforts to raise that player count and take back their place as one of the largest minigame servers.
  5. Mistri Network Lead

    All in due time — we've actually had two major YouTubers/streamers get on Shotbow in recent weeks, however sadly, as you've probably noticed, the large lag spikes have gotten us at a bad time. Once these are fixed, we will be hoping to form better partnerships with larger YouTubers/streamers.

    In addition, we are continuously adding members to the Media Program, which can be seen by watching our Media Producer List. This team is working hard to bring up our playercount.

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