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Dentril's New Moon - August 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Aug 1, 2017.

Dentril's New Moon - August 2017 | Page 2
  1. Kentley Regular Member

    Just give us the answer im totally freaking out finding the answer.
    ACringyTortilla likes this.

  2. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    You're a fan of the Enimga Series?
  3. Aexon Regular Member

    I just solved it, what you need to do is copy the text from pastebin in a file, and do this :
    Replace TURBeE1UQXdNREFn by 0
    Replace TURBeE1UQXdNREVn by 1
    Replace TURBeE1EQXdNREFn by a space or something else, as it will separate the "text" in 8bit numbers.

    I get a TURBeE1UQXdNREE9 at the end, I decided to remove it as it works fine without. I guess it is used to mark the end of the phrase.

    You will get binary numbers, if you convert them to characters using the ASCII table right now, you will get something that looks like a URL. (kwws://l.lpjxu.frp/wSBIQse.sqj)
    What you can see is it's the caesar cipher of a real URL, to be exact it's ROT23 (thanks Haichao), so you just have to convert the string back to the original URL, and you get this :

    Here is the code I made and used (if you understand PHP uh) :
    https://hastebin.com/atezokaley.xml (code)
    https://hastebin.com/jukonoyeyi (file named 'source' in the PHP code)

    Haichao helped me finding that the best way was to use caesar cipher to get the real URL that would point to the image (I was doing something more complicated, using substraction on the binary numbers, and it didn't even entirely work, as I'd get something like https://i.imgur.com/tP?FNpb.png)
  4. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    :eek: Ghostcraft??
  5. Aexon Regular Member

    I don't understand the 2⁶ hint, if it was 2⁸, I'd understand, but here...
    Mistri likes this.
  6. Tdiaz5 Silver

    Ah, okay, I guess I was pretty close. I instantly recognized that it was indeed a binary-ish text, and I did see the separations at regular intervals. In the end I got a list of characters which I couldn't make sense of, so I fiddled a bit around with other methods. I would have never guessed the caesar cipher though, guess I would get stuck there anyhow.


    That is my code, written in Python. I don't recall the steps I did though, as I deleted and added some components from my previous revisions.
    It was a fun riddle though! I started learning programming in my school like 2 months ago, and I surely learnt a few bits from this project.

    I still don't understand that one too.
    Mistri and Aexon like this.
  7. dackknight09 Obsidian

    That riddle is too difficult for me. I think it is a fun addition though. Was fun seeing the others solving it at least.

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