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Dentril's New Moon - April 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Apr 2, 2021.

Dentril's New Moon - April 2021
  1. Mistri Network Lead

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    Greetings Shotbow players! My name is Mistri, and I'll be your host for this month's edition of Dentril's New Moon, Shotbow's monthly newsletter. Let's jump right into the updates.

    Network Updates
    This month marked the end of the Shotbow Screenshot Contest. The winning screenshots have been announced. If you haven't seen them already, check out the results here!

    Annihilation Updates
    Annihilation released 2 updates in the last month. The first update was Fresh Bugium, which was a largely bugfix update. Hopefully you noticed some nasty bugs get squashed and some performance improvements overall!

    Note: starting now, you can report bugs in our Discord by executing the following command in any channel: !support bug <IGN>. If you find any more bugs with Annihilation, feel free to report them using this method.

    Next up, Annihilation also released a new content update called Confused Praseodymium. It contains some awesome and long-awaited updates for everyone to enjoy.

    Finally, we have posted multiple Community Clan Wars on our YouTube channel. You can check out the matches at the following links: #40, #41, #42.

    MineZ Updates
    The MineZ team released a shocking update called MineZ: Bold Steps. It includes so much new content, including Lucky Blocks, Diamond Armor, new giants, and so much more! You don't want to miss this BOLD update, so check it out here.

    SMASH Rankings
    The SMASH Spring 2021 season has ended, and the results are in!
    • 1st - TheProPlays - 75,000 XP
    • 2nd - moonbreathing - 50,000 XP
    • 3rd - zaco123 - 25,000 XP
    Network in General
    Staff updates:
    • _BrightDarkness_ joined the team as a SMASH Mini Admin
    • BrendanLeeT joined the SMASH Mini Admin team
    • KlappaKlaus joined the team as a Mini Builder
    • Napoleon__1er, Archi_, and HumorlosLP were promoted to Localizer
    • Paulossj joined the Localization team as a Spanish Jr. Localizer
    Other statistics:
    • A total of 97,293,750 XP was earned by players this month
    • There were 2,235 players banned in the last month
    • This month we achieved a peak playercount of 360 on March 5
    • 95 ban appeals were resolved in the last month
    • 4,266 in-game reports were handled in the last month
    Closing Words
    Thanks for tuning in this month! As always, I'm your host, Mistri — catch you next month, and thanks for flying Shotbow!
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  2. Jarool Emerald

    Make me admin for April Fool's 2022 :wink:
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