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DemiGodz recruiting, Map 22.5 & Map 23!

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by xGAJx, Jan 5, 2015.

DemiGodz recruiting, Map 22.5 & Map 23!
  1. xGAJx Regular Member

    Hey everyone, my faction DemiGodz is recruiting active, and we are looking for dedicated, pvpers , builders, and base-bitchers. We will be a very active faction next map, and we are preparing for EOTW for some fun. You can apply here, or on the reddit page. If you choose to apply here, please use the format below:

    (Reddit Page) http://www.reddit.com/r/hcfactions/comments/2rexbh/map_22523_demigodz_recruiting/

    Base Bitching/10:
    Past Factions:
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?:
    Past betrayals:
    Why do you want to join?:

  2. Wyoming Regular Member

    IGN: Skorric
    PVP: 9/10 in Soup getting used to potpvp 7/10
    BaseBitching: 8/10 I brew, mine, Build, Love redstone
    Past Factions: None on HCF if you want I can share my other factions on different servers
    TeamSpeak: Yes Skype: skorricmc Mic: Yes a quality Mic
    Past Betrayals: None
    Why Do I Want To Join: I have no faction :)
  3. Block_Belieber Regular Member

    IGN : ZzIgnacioZz
    PVP : 7/10 [ My category in pvp is Tank]
    BaseBitching : 10/10 I good at mining (10/10) , Build (7/10) , Redstone ( 6/10)
    TeamSpeak : Yes Skype : esteban.almaguer Mic : Of course yes
    Past Betrayals : None
    Past Factions : I had a lot of factions , 3 years of factions but in other servers , all the factions fell ( the time)
    Why Do I Want To Join : I need to return to the game again and i need a job .
  4. Victormb8 Platinum

    IGN: Victormb8
    PVP: 9-10/10 ranged 5-7/10 swords
    BB: minor tasks (brewing, smelting, crafting) 9-10/10 complex tasks (building, redstone, ect.) 4-6/10
    teamspeak: existent
    skype: existent
    past factions/betrayals: 1 name: unknown, raided almost immediately by larger faction/none
    Reason for requested admittance: starting a faction and maintaining it is difficult (raiders), would rather join a pre-existent faction to assist with pvp and other points of interest.
  5. wille1122 Gold

    Base Bitching/10: 10/10 (tell me what to do and ill do it)
    Past Factions: some small facs ive had with some friends
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?:yes,yes,yes
    Past betrayals:none
    Why do you want to join?:i want to get into a fac with new ppl and more players :)
  6. StrongForce Regular Member

    PvP/10: 6/10
    Base Bitching/10: 10/10 I build a Shiftingfloorgrinder(Enderman ink.) and a OWgoldfarm every map. you tell me what to build - I build it 100% efficent.
    Past Factions: My own solo fac EmeraldEmpire
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?: Yes to all
    Past betrayals: none
    Why do you want to join?: I'm sick off playing solo. I'd like to play KOTH's but i can only play miniKOTH as a solo fac.
    I rly like the factionname. I like to builld a usefull and fancy base.
  7. Tomtaru Regular Member

    PvP/10:9/10 it can change (bard / full dia pots (etc.)
    Base Bitching/10: 8/10 say me what to do and i'll do it (im not so well but i can do.)
    Past Factions:my own fac with some people ChickenKillerz
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?:Yes i have all of them
    Past betrayals:None
    Why do you want to join?:I was bored of my fac and i wanted to do team work with more people
    (BTW i can't change my skin :'/ if it distracts )
  8. Sjihtt Platinum

    IGN: Schaakmatth
    PvP/10: 8
    Base Bitching/10: 8
    Past Factions: Excalibur
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?: Have both and have a good mic
    Past betrayals:None
    Why do you want to join?: Want having fun and I am bored of doing MineZ or Annihilation
  9. Stefano_Hypz Regular Member

    IGN: Stefano_HypZ
    PvP/10: 8-9/10
    Base Bitching/10: 7/10
    Past Factions:Enigma and Hoodrats
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?:Ye
    Past betrayals:Naw
    Why do you want to join?: Well I need a faction mainly
  10. bubetuegcar Silver

    PvP/10: 8/10 it sometimes changes 9/10 or 7/10 etc
    Base Bitching/10: 7/10 tell me something to build i'll build it nice looking but bad working (building grinders stuff like grinders)
    Past Factions: My own fac with my friends and some other people SummerClan - burkidevos
    Teamspeak/Skype & Mic?: Yes i have all
    Past betrayals: im not a batrayal fan nah
    Why do you want to join?: i want to go koth be better than my last fac i want to pvp more (our faction members wasn't active for a while..)

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