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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by TheOnlyTman, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. TheOnlyTman Regular Member

    Hi, I would like you to delete this account permanently please, I'm not using it since a long time and as a EU resident, the GDPR law of data protection online obligates you to delete my account as requested and to wipe any data concerning me. I don't want it to just be deactivated. If you do not follow my request, I am willing to take legal action.
    Thank you.
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  2. ShayminPlays Platinum


    From my limited knowledge of GDPR law there's a loophole where the rules don't apply to organizations with less than around 300 employees. Since Shotbow isn't really a profit-based organisation (all the money it makes gets put back into the server, so it's self-sustaining) nor does it have "employees" but rather volunteers I don't think they have to oblige to GDPR.

    Also by creating an account in the first place you either consented to giving Shotbow your data yourself or with a parent's permission. Considering you registered to Shotbow in the first place and basically gave consent to doing so, I don't really think you can go back and revoke that consent.

    Again, this is my limited understanding based off memory so I could be wrong but Shotbow has never fully deleted account information. I'm sure you can request your account be locked, but unfortunately I don't think it'll be terminated unless I'm completely off the mark here.
  3. Aexon Regular Member

    That's definitely not a thing because all companies could get around that thing easily. First no matter how many employees you have, you can hold sensitive data the user could want you to delete. Secondly the number of employees doesn't mean anything about the data the company holds. And third companies would just need to create a second company client of the main company and with less than 300 employees that deals with all the data and gg you can ignore GDPR.
    The loophole here if we can call that a loophole is that Shotbow is US based, they don't specifically target EU audience so EU has zero power.

    They used to say they didn't delete account, only deactivate, then at some point they actually were saying they'd delete accounts iirc but apparently they're not even responding to these requests anymore.
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  4. ShayminPlays Platinum


    Yeah it is a little unfortunate, I see a lot of people asking for their accounts deleted/disabled, yet I hear nothing of that happening. Oh well. Wonder how the legal action went.
  5. MESLEG Silver

  6. JnS18_ Regular Member

    seriously, there's nothing we can do about it?

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