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Discussion Defense

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by AgentPanda_, May 22, 2020.

Discussion - Defense
  1. AgentPanda_ Platinum

    took a decent amount of people to build


    Anyways, I feel like the odds are heavily stacked against anyone building a defense because..
    1. Builder's supplies takes too long until you can get more supplies and when you do get the supplies, it gives you useless blocks and 16 wool.
    2. Tons of classes and ways to bypass defenses. (ex. assassin, scout, vampire, digging under the defense)
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  2. AgentPanda_ Platinum

    Shotbow needs add back obsidian, buff builder, (more wool, shorter cooldown), and make it so vampires can't use their ability and bypass our defenses by flying around it at the void. Vampire should also have a fly limit when it is near the nexus.
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  3. MuffinMinister Platinum

    I think wool should be buffed per phase? as in more wool the further along the game is? or buff how quick your cooldown resets based on the phase, and give more interesting blocks as the game progresses or something
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  4. Ivandagiant Silver

    Dear god please do not add obsidian- swapper traps are bad enough as it is
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