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Question Defense against meta

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by LrgmouthShad, May 18, 2020.

Question - Defense against meta
  1. LrgmouthShad Regular Member

    After reading SquallytheWally's thread about the overwhelming importance of following the meta to win and observing this necessity in-game, I thought I'd ask the community what suggestions they might have for a solo defender to counter or at least contribute to defending against the rift rush. I have considered damage potions, poison potions, gapple defense... what would ya'll suggest? I will of course try to link up with some people in the community to have the assistance of others, but thought I'd ask. And I will also eagerly await meta changes after the Anni 1.12.2 migration that the staff mentioned in SquallytheWally's thread. Hope everyone is well.
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  2. zoomninja3000 Regular Member

    All I can think of is a wall to world height lit up entirely. Even then a vampire could still fly over it.
  3. Ichir0san Regular Member

    I can only think of using Bard's slowing III aura & send a leather Mercenary to patrol the left & right towers of Coastal.
    If the rush happens at night you can spy with vampire their base to see if a lot of people gather at their nexus room for rift teleport.
  4. Snoopzz Regular Member

    Thinking about this from a coastal sense, first, you have to have void swap traps up. One per side takes out two rushers. Slows things down
    In terms of base design, flooding and lighting the outside is important. Lighting the wall to try and keep vamp rushers away is important. I always also place fences "under" the wall inside, which just slows the rush down if people try and mine in.
    Alc def is nice, but if a rush gets down to your nexus at full strength, its game over. I know you mentioned solo defender, one person can't stop a team
  5. SaltyPasta472 Platinum

    you just dont get urself a clan
  6. Ganzativity Platinum

    My biggest thing I see that teams need to do for an easy defense is take down the bridges, this is in the coastal sense too. I know we all hate it but it basically needs to be done.

    Secondly Poison potions have always been my favorite to counter rushes but it is so hard to use them. If you can hit the potion on the rush when they are all pilled up it is OP. However if you use them at any other time it could destroy your team. It will poison your teammates and they will most likely not have regn II like the rushers so they will die faster. Then there is also the gapple which now has a longer regn time than splash poison II.

    The same thing could be said about damage pots. They could hurt you more than help you if you use them at the wrong time.

    Using Defensive gapples could work if you also have str II/III to go along with it but a gapple by its self probably won't let you do enough damage to the rushers.

    In the end you just need to not let people rift rush you. And that is pretty hard with the vamp/rift meta. The only thing you can do is rush the other teams first or wait for the update to the game to come where they plan to change some classes around.
  7. LrgmouthShad Regular Member

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Follow up question after doing some thinking: does Thor’s ability work against vamp while the vamp is a bat? Still leaves half a heart so will be thinking of a missing piece.
  8. Darth_Bachious Retired Staff

    You might want to use sniper against the bats, but idk if that is enough to stop them completely
  9. Sevy13 Annihilation Lead & BAC Co-Lead

    Things that I've seen work are:

    Proactive - if it's one clan in particular, have a small dedicated group camp their gold mine. The meta doesn't work without gold. Rift/merc/immo works nicely, or a combination of high damage classes.

    Reactive - if you are hauled up in your base waiting to be rushed, have lookouts on the borders of your land and somebody on standby with invis and damage pots, when the rushers group up to splash run in and insta damage them. I've seen this pulled off on a few occasions and it's glorious.
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  10. Snaaaap Localizer

    From my point of view (I love to defend) you need the support of a minimum of 1 or 2 players. You need at least 2 GAPPLES for each one, also one of the players must have the alchemist kit for potions of strength III and speed. There are more kits that help you slow down the enemy attack, you must practice and test some of them (Immo-wiz-farmer-bard).

    I recommend you enchant your sword with Knockback II
  11. soto Platinum

    How to (temporarely) hold back a rift rush:

    1) if you're by yourself, flatten out everything, from buildings, tents, to bridges & possibly invest some time placing cobwebs & 1 layer water trench to prevent tunnelling but still retain visibility

    2) if you still have time to spare, level the tower height down to the same height the bridges are at.

    3) daytime: mercenary
    - preferably two people, each patrolling one side of the wall at all times actively & if you're by yourself, just run around left to right continuously in the hopes of seeing an invis roam around.

    4) nighttime: vampire or sniper
    - Of course being mercenary is still a viable class but with vampire being as strong as it is, not even a mercenary can prevent them from rifting, cause all it takes is a calculated 10 second cooldown with a vampire falling down 190 blocks last second and it's game over. Your mission as vampire is flying around your own base and tracking down, possibly killing them mid-air or warning your team in time.
    - With sniper, use precision aim to one-shot vampires off the air until daytime strikes again
    (probability of this actually succeeding: 1%, considering you're playing with random teammates/ by yourself)

    5) Conclusion:
    At the end, all you can do is hold them back temporarely, you will not ever, not even with your clan, be able to fully prevent them from rifting to a spot, as a defender you buy time for others to do the dirty work, but you won't stop it once they found a gap in the defense. As a solo-player, walls are more of a hindrance if not being actively used by your teammates, they are a perfect cover for invis people to hide/ build on undiscovered. Flattening everything down will give you more vision in terms of seeing particles or not giving enemy teams a good spot to rift to. This meta is completely broken considering you can start rifting to a vampire who is out of anyones point of view / visibility 189 blocks in the air and perfectly time yourself falling down infront of your nexus tower, you can not hold that back or stop that in any shape or way.

    6) When it comes to last resort gameplay & considering they rifted in your base & your team is somewhat geared, invest your time in having a knockback II sword, stand in the corner of ur nexus and keep knocking the miner away from the nexus and hope that in due time, their pots will wear out & you'll be able to kill them. Good luck, this is all the things I've personally attempted to do in my own solo games & I hope they somewhat help you out in yours.
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  12. SquallyTheWally Emerald

    Hands down the most effective way to defend. Knockback is still super useful even when you have the rushers in your nexus, you can just throw them away from the nexus. Even if you die, just go thor and use the axe.
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  13. AgentPanda_ Platinum

    Just remove Riftwalker and Vampire. Problem Solved :)

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