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December - State of Mine Theft Auto

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by PokeDexLight, Dec 4, 2016.

December - State of Mine Theft Auto
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  1. PokeDexLight Administrator

    Yo what's up homie!
    How's life going? Did you know Mine Theft Auto has over 263,041 unique players at the moment?

    Every month we're going to release a 'Feedback' thread where we're going to ask for the community's feedback!

    What we want from you!
    1. Bugs: Please include any and all bugs you find, but please be as detailed as possible so that we can try to recreate them. Screenshots are especially helpful for us understanding. If it is a bug that can be used to gain a major advantage, please private message the bug report.
    2. Balance issues: Again, be very descriptive in current balance issues and we would especially appreciate suggestions on how you would solve those issues.
    3. Feature suggestions: If you have a great idea and want to share it, this is the time!
    Feel free to discuss any of this with other players and really get into the meat of balance issues and feature suggestions. This post will remain open for fourteen days, and then it will close for us to go through all the feedback.

    We look forward to your feedback and appreciate the time you take to help us improve our games here on Shotbow.

    Mine Theft Auto Update for Minecraft 1.9
    We're making the 1.9 update very awesome. The update features proper 1.9 mechanic support, such as dual wielding with some weapons, the ability to 'lock the thrust' while flying planes to keep the vehicle travelling at a constant speed and MUCH more! It is a huge update to the game, and we want your feedback and ideas!

    To view the changelog for recent 1.9 changes check this thread.

    Mine Theft Auto Build Team
    Do you think you're a very good builder? Then we probably need you! Please take a look at this thread for more information on builder applications.

    Mine Theft Auto 1.9 Leaderboard
    Check out last months leaderboards from the MTA 1.9 beta. Do you want to be on this leaderboard? Go to beta.shotbow.net ! The top 10 players at the end of each month in each category earn an in-game badge, the top 5 earn lots of XP and the top 3 earn all the above and also a mention here and in the arrow!

    1st - Steve_hage KDR: 72:0 (72.0)
    2nd - DerZOCKER44 KDR: 24:1 (24.0)
    3rd - Hollow_Leg KDR: 11:2 (5.5)

    Experience Gained:
    1st - Sylphie_ Experience gained: 16742.0
    2nd - _crowly_ Experience gained: 6021.0
    3rd - Jumoco Experience gained: 4936.0

    Minigames Won:
    1st - Sylphie_ Minigames won: 15.0
    2nd - Jumoco Minigames won: 13.0
    3rd - xtratnt Minigames won: 12.0

    We're excited to hear your feedback! Complain, share some awesome ideas or report (game-breaking) bugs, we're listening!

    Thanks again, and have fun playing Mine Theft Auto!

    This thread will close on December 18th. Please post your feedback as soon as possible, so we can review and work on your feedback!

  2. Creeperker Obsidian

    Clitical hits should take damage more.
    Tonko921 likes this.
  3. Hollow_Leg Gold

    Yay for me

    There is a thing I encountered before where if you upgrade a gun and change instances a bit after it doesn't register that you upgraded the gun. I'm pretty sure it refunds the money but any upgrades you added that you didn't buy at the time also dissapear.
    Tonko921 likes this.
  4. 00110101 Regular Member

    Implement the glitch fixes please before the new expansion
  5. de3tr0yer Regular Member

    The building in the picture looks awesome. Also I feel like Shotbow needs to start trying to obtain players and let everyone know about MTA because I know that there are a lot of people looking for a Minecraft GTA like this but are not able to find it and just play on the more well known GTA servers.
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