December - State of GG

Discussion in 'GG' started by vampire_toothy, Dec 2, 2016.

December - State of GG
  1. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    What's up everyone? This month there has been some changes in further preparation of 1.9, there isn't a whole lot to get into, but definitely more to say than last month!

    Please note that any changes/fixes listed are strictly only on 1.9
    Lots of bug fixes have been made on the 1.9 version of GG, some of these bug fixes include the following ;
    -Players can no longer become their own challenger to clog up KOTD games [Bugfix]
    -Anvils can no longer be used [Bugfix]
    -Players can no longer farm XP off of themselves on KOTD [Bugfix]
    -Bottles will now properly disappear when a potion is used [Bugfix]
    Thanks to JesseTheSkrub, these bugs are no longer an issue on the 1.9 version of GG
    Additionally, two smaller changes have been made ;
    -GG events will now be more interesting and efficient starting after 1.9, how so? That will be for all of you to find out :wink:
    -A new lobby is in the works for GG and is expected to be rolled out sometime in the near future.

    What we want from you:
    Once again, now is the best time to bring up any suggestions you may have to improve GG, additionally lend a hand with the 1.9 testing for GG by connecting to , the more bugs we can find, the more smoothly 1.9 GG should go on release.

    With all of that being said, expect more bugfixes and changes to be made in the foreseeable future.
    Thanks for flying with Shotbow.

    This thread will close on the 16th of December.

  2. JesseTheSkrub Obsidian

    Let me additionally add, that more bug fixes will be made this weekend.
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  3. Trainspotting Emerald

    Are we allowed to know if any new features are in the works/being implemented?
  4. JesseTheSkrub Obsidian

    At the moment, no. However, I do have new things planned out and will begin development on them after 1.9 is released. At the moment cannot confirm a release date until I get further in development and fix bugs that may arise.
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