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No Prefix Dasher

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Flautists, Nov 4, 2019.

No Prefix - Dasher
  1. Flautists Gold

    Pls make so dasher can't dash on fire or something like that , ty!:heart:
    Ivandagiant, GogGod and Unhinge like this.

  2. karabear04 Regular Member

    You can't dash with low food I think, I use pyro and bard to go against scouts (slowness and fire) and i'd rather it be slowness but it would be nice to have either like that. So farmer is good against dasher but at the same time every kill is more food which I do like, but something related to this should be put in if scout is "too op."
  3. LFI Regular Member

    Scout have speed advantage over Dasher. (Even when iron armor equiped)
    Instead, Dasher isn't affected by fire.
    Scout and Dasher are already balanced.

    There are more Scout than Dasher in game.
    Generally thought Scout is better than Dasher.
    Don't have to nerf Dasher.
  4. Tobi472 Platinum

    Its funny to see ppl trying to argue that mobility is balanced.
    Ivandagiant and Hingey like this.
  5. DanDanKikoeru Platinum

    The only thing that needs nerf is dash distance, way too high. Should probably be around 2/3 of what it is rn. Not being able to dash while having slowness/fire would make it too risky to use at the point people would end up using another kit instead. Still miss old dasher's concept <.<
    Clip likes this.
  6. TTcreuse Emerald

    Yo i think dasher needs a nerf, xd like asap, its way too op right now in my opinion.

    I believe each kit has its own purpose, for example scout is "mister mobility", its the best kit to chase someone or to run away in a plat terrain. I may hate this kit it has weaknesses, such as, putting them on fire, or use "non plat ground", + in late game its kinda a useless kit since it gives to real advantages when you raid a nexus or when u defend one.

    From that point, what is dasher's point?? its meant to reach usually "unreachable structures" such as sky bases i believe right? how is it that right now everyone uses it? it literally outruns scout, the class i mentionned above which is supposed to THE CLASS to run, dasher has literally now weakness, its faster mobility compared to scout and it doesnt really depend on terrain.

    I believe the cooldown and the range has to be balanced, i would have put a higher range and higher cooldown to make it still reach its purpose
  7. Vorton Gold

    Any wall of defence is useless against dasher, is it normal?
    I guess dasher needs to be fixed. Maybe he willnt tp to wood and metal fences, so you dont need to build wall 25+ high
  8. Flautists Gold



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