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Question Daily Lootcrates

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by MCDuckler, Dec 4, 2017.

Question - Daily Lootcrates
  1. MCDuckler Platinum

    Hey there, i've got some questions about the lootcrates:
    1. When are they spawning? I've read that they will spawn daily, but is the time always the same (19:00 in Germany)? Or is it random?
    2. What is in these chests? Because i really like the idea of having loot chests, but i think it could be even better if there wouldn't be "just" cosmetics/heads in it. Sure, they are rare and there are a lot of people that love collecting this (like me), but for the majority of the players, the noobs, they are pretty much useless and not worth the effort. How about having a system where lootcrates spawn like every 2-3 hours with high gear and actually useful stuff, and when events take place there will spawn additional Special Lootcrates with the Heads n stuff like that. (These special lootcrates shouldn't spawn that often tho)
    Thank you for reading this! :D
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  2. MCDuckler Platinum

    K if anyone is interested: I opened a loot crate, it contains useful stuff as well as cosmetics! Niceeee :D
  3. PeAcE_W1th_Al1 Silver

    [Loot crate] reward : Maxed gun (random)

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