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Suggestion Current Situation of MTA Combat and Updates

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by MCDuckler, Jun 3, 2018.

Suggestion - Current Situation of MTA Combat and Updates
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  1. MCDuckler Platinum

    Hi! I think we can all agree - At least most of the high level players - that MTAs Combat is not really fun, and in a few parts actually kinda broken. We didn't see much changes on MTA, and I've heard that the current MTA developer is busy with other things in life, which is okay.
    However the things that need to be changed (At least in the opinion of me, my friends and the admins we talked to) are not big, neither would they consume too much time.

    I'm going to list these things that need to get changed right here.
    - Lobby XP Bug (This one is really neccessary, with people getting 270k xp in one month)
    - VNP Join Bug / VNP Bounty Bug (Allows players to see admins even in vanish)
    - Plane suiciding nerf / fix (Despite the damage beeing often enough just random, there are way too many players constantly trying to kill everyone just by stealing planes from N1 and flying them into other players. This destroys the fun of a fight and you have little to no change to defend against that while standing outside. My team literally came to the point where we are constantly in a jetpack when our enemies are online, because we already know whats going to happen once we are on the ground)
    - Shotgun nerf (Shotguns are not used at all at the moment, which is very sad. They should be stronger than now, making them better in close quarter fights but the bullets should make less damage the longer they are in the air)
    - Sniper nerf (With that I mean that snipers should be added as "heavy weapons", making them no longer usable in the air. Currently, people are often enough constantly flying in the air, just a few blocks above you, shooting down on you while they hope that the gun doesn't drop and that they still hit with the hardly randomized aim)
    - Remove the ability to dual wield a handgun with a machine gun (this is just kina annoying and does not make sense at all)

    There are a few things here that arn't as important as the others, and most of the things listed should be failry easy to change. would like to know if anyone is still working on MTA at the current time, and if that is the case and the dev finds some time, maybe even as little as an hour on a day where he isn't as busy, it would be really awesome if he could try to change these things.

    Also it would be really cool if the Admins could have access to the config files, so that they can adjust the guns / balance them. They know what the gamemode needs at the moment, and they could do a lot of testing and change things over time when they recognize that it's not good the way it is. They spend a lot of time on MTA the past days and talked actively with the playerbase, I feel like that would be a good way to change things.

    Last thing I wanted to say is that it would be great if the stats of the guns could be public. Friends and I spent more than enough time figuring out these stats on our own, but there is still a big inaccuracy in it.

    EDIT: Don't know how I forget that, but level advantage is one of the most stupid things in MTA and wether or not it's a glitch or a feature, every high level player will agree with me (obivously, ik). It's just unfair to fight with a idk 180 account against a 80 account using the same weapons but getting way less damage than you.

  2. storm345 Developer

    -No good saying "lobby XP bug" unless you describe (probably better privately than here) what that bug is and how it's abused.
    -VNP bug shouldn't exist. Will need more extensive testing in collaboration with staff to be able to investigate properly.
    -Plane suiciding is intentional and somewhat acts to balance the game to lets new players have a way to kill otherwise very tough players. Same mechanic exists in GTA V. This is not going to be changed. (Unless you think you can survive being hit by a plane in reality? Which I don't think so)
    -Shotguns I think you just need to learn to use them at the right time. Very close quarters fighting they should be lethal right now. Every bullet that lands does damage individually but the spread of the bullets with distance is quite large (and different for different shotguns iirc). So play around with different guns and distances - at point blank range shotgun should be one of the best/the best guns.
    -Sniper change is logical, requiring landing is probably a good idea.
    -With the way dual wielding is implemented it's done so that what you can carry in your off hand is restricted not main hand, this is unlikely to change. However if you know MTA then you'd realise probably that it's much better to carry a shield in your off hand than a 9mm.
    -Level advantage is not a thing anymore, however there are still certain debuffs applied if battles between players is shown to be one-sided (for example if session KDR between two players is very one-sided).
    -Gun stats could maybe be displayed better in-game, but there isn't one damage amount for any gun to list. Damage for every gun depends on where shots land on a player among other factors (such as num of bullets that land for guns such as shotgun, or proximity to explosive damage, etc...). If nothing else learn from this that you should always aim for player's heads (and to duck to try and avoid shots)

    As for availability I am in the middle of university exams although will try and get tweaks like those suggested done over the summer (as well as working). Any shotbow devs have the access to work on MTA though if they are wanting to. So maybe go and pester some of them to play MTA with you and to make some such changes :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. MCDuckler Platinum

    I've made a video showing level advantage, vnp bug and lobby xp bug. For some reason I've also included my opinion to the other things, but I'm going to say that anyways here.
    -Lobby XP Bug is a thing, pretty much everyone knows it. I thought you know that too, but it seems like that's not the case.
    -VNP Bugs exist.
    -Of course plane suiciding is intentional, what else should happen when crashing a plane into the ground. But no new player uses a plane to suicide into a high player, and even if he would try AND if he would succeed with that, the high level player would come back in seconds and kill the low level player in the fraction of a second. Plane suiciding, especially with the new mechanic that added stealable planes on N1 and other places, is way to frequently used at the moment and destroys the fun of a fight often enough completely. Comparing GTA Combat with MTA Combat is not good in my opinion, because it's different in a lot of ways. The same goes for real life. If you are able to survive a shotgun headshot from a person standing directly infront of you in real life, I will accept that argument.
    -Shotguns are not stronger than a special carbine with a desert eagle or a marksman in close combat. You don't need to tell me that I need to learn when to use them. Nobody uses them.
    -Not beeing able to use a marksman while flying with a jetpack would be great, I'd really appreciate it if that would get changed.
    -Level Advantage is still a thing, as shown in my video. Also adjusting players strength on deaths and kills isn't good in my opinion. Low levels won't stand a chance with that anyways. This just opens the the door of abuse, as it already happened with high levels and death streak.
    -The damage depends on how you hit, of course, but guns still have fixed value which then gets modified, so displaying that/making it public would be noob friendly and in general a good idea.

    Video Editing skills 10/10, I know, and the song will probalby give you goosebumps.

    btw if I should remove the bug-related stuff, tell me. However they are widely known anyways
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  4. MCDuckler Platinum

    So is there anything going to happen about the plane suiciding and level advantage? You really don't know how much this destroys the game for people that just want to fight standard full diamond gang battles like in 1.8/early 1.9. It's crazy how much the planes are getting abused and how random the damage is when you get hit by them.
  5. RechtsanwaltOnly Regular Member

    Nah plane suicides are balanced and noone would every abuse them
    But if you dont like the you can go into passive mode and you are save and wont get killed
  6. MCDuckler Platinum

    This is exactly what happens all day, they constantly try so suicide you, and even passive players are not safe. But nope, its "Balanced". I love how the admins don't even respond...
  7. MCDuckler Platinum

    Quick question, why do the players need to do things like that? Isn't the staff team supposed to do things like this?
  8. Inserted305 Regular Member

    do you wonder why no new players come if a few abusers kill everyone including passive players ?
  9. creeperman116 Regular Member


    lol i found that out like way back
    RechtsanwaltOnly and MCDuckler like this.
  10. MCDuckler Platinum

    That shows you how inactive they are and how little they know :I
    MTA is dead...

    Gesendet von meinem SM-A500FU mit Tapatalk
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  11. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    This thread has gotten to a point where I don't think it's useful anymore; it's just becoming more toxic.

    Thanks for the feedback! Thread locked.
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