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Update Crowmure Farm Update

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by DocCodeSharp, Feb 25, 2018.

Update - Crowmure Farm Update
  1. DocCodeSharp Retired Staff

    Greetings from the MineZ Team,

    After much talk within the admin team, we have come to the decision of removing 'Giant's Farm' and replacing it with 'Crowmure Farm' instead. The Giant spawn in the west has been removed indefinitely.

    The reason for the removal relates to the way Giants, one of the main bosses in MineZ, are fought.

    The location was in a place that was easy to get to without any terrain challenges. It is safe to travel to without much effort (in comparison to other Giant spawns). Food, water, and places to hide allowed players to farm the Giant quite easily, lowering the rarity of valuable Giant loot.

    Alongside the Depth Strider leggings in the Water Spire, Giant loot in the west side of the map gave players one of the best PvP inventories without allowing much map exploration or challenge.

    I think we can all agree with this quote from Frostbain: "An adventure's no fun if it's too easy".


    The location's build has been updated to match the theme of Crowmure. Both locations have received loot updates. A road has also been added to connect Crowmure with Cromure Farm.

    - Removed 1 food_rare
    - Removed 1 food_uncommon
    - Removed 1 tool_common
    - Removed 1 tool_uncommon
    + Replaced 1 food_rare with 1 food_uncommon
    + Replaced 1 tool_common with 1 tool_uncommon
    + Added 4 mill_rare

    Crowmure Farm:
    + Added 4 Wheat Patches
    + Added 7 Melon Patches
    + Added 2 tool_common
    + Added 2 tool_uncommon
    + Added 2 food_uncommon


    - The MineZ Team

  2. No_LeafClover Regular Member

    I am kind of indifferent on the Giant change, as I usually don't fight them in my adventures. But I must contend that the new build makes a lot more sense, as the style of the farm is consistent with the town for which it is named. As a build, I think it looks great! :)
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  3. Meifot Silver

    So giants = a trip to pvp hell great
  4. Itz_Jake_ Silver

    What about a new giant spawn in the west? I still think there needs to be one...
  5. Tatre Administrator

    Ok so I actually like this a lot. This place works well with minez a lot. While the giant being gone sucks, this is a good replacement.
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  6. Talef Gold

    I know a few people who liked having a giant spawn in the west because it gave you a reason to go there.
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  7. Nalacion Emerald

    Since you've made improvements to the farm, is there any chance we might see further farms being added to the map? Many people have responded favorably to polls in that regard, and it could provide incentive to actually travel around the map as opposed to just sprinting northward.

    Could we get that changed to 3 wheat and 8 melons, for stacking purposes?

    On top of that, instead of giving us four mil_rares, would it not be more sensible to give us 2 more mil_epics?

    Finally: "An adventure's no fun if it's too easy"

    I think this has been the rhetoric that's been going on recently with Shotbow, the idea from certain staff members that people only want things to be easy. I've rarely seen people asking for this game to be easier. More fair? Sure, but never "easier".

    Also, why are there no longer any food rares in the only place this far north in the west that has food? Shouldn't food_rares be this far north?
  8. Ralphismyname Platinum

    The fact that every single non dungeon giant spawn is either in the canyons or Floating Islands is complete BS. I somewhat like the Crowmure farm addition but I hope that there will be a new Giant spawn added in the West for more diversity. (Also one in the far east that isn't completely surrounded by the void would be cool too)
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  9. Toxxiic Platinum

    ? Hasa has a giants spawn too... Whats the Difference... Hasa is also a PvP hotspot! Therefore, I think that Crowmure should also have a place near to kill Giants. That giant spawn made it so that people would have a valid reason other than dungeons to go west and explore with the chance of gaining something other than chain armor.

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  10. AetheralWraith Platinum

    I kinda wish that you guys would wait till the new location was built then roll out all these changes but whats done is done
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  11. Catsage Retired Staff

    These are coming out on the next reboot (50 minutes from now)
  12. AetheralWraith Platinum

    What I met was a new giant spawn location
  13. LaukNLoad Film Crew

  14. lightninge Silver

    In the top left corner of the map we could make an island called Giant Island. We need some more stuff in that place. All it is is just a couple of dungeons, a spire, a minor location with 2 chests and a not bad gear-up place.
  15. mackwell Gold

    I like the idea of the farm, as it has balanced loot, adds to the already large value of a hoe in the west, and is altogether a good build. I'm at odds with the idea of removing the giant spawn tho. Now if u want a diamond sword you have to go into the pvp hell hole of the gravel lands. now it will be even worse since Crowmure isn't as good for gearing up now. I think the islands near the water spire would be a good place for a giant spawn. It's difficult terrain to navigate, and doesn't have many other locations. It might make Outpost and Byesford visitable as well.
  16. Benjamaster7 Regular Member

    Maybe add a giant spawn next to the obsidian monolith? It's probably the least visited and hardest-to-reach spot in the west.
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  17. Talef Gold

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  18. Cole5slaw Platinum

    I definitely think an out-of-the-way location like one of the islands is an excellent spot for a giant's spawn because this would encourage exploration of that area that's virtually never visited.
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  19. lightninge Silver

    I am gonna make a thread about the Giant island and other ideas for locations
  20. Benjamaster7 Regular Member

    Yup! That's where the obsidian monolith is. It would be cool if it actually had a purpose... On the wiki it says there's a hopper block at the bottom. What if you drop a certain item in and one spawns?

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